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Charlie Ace Biography


Real Name Charlie Ace  
Nicknames Manager to the Stars  
Hometown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  
Birthday 02/24/1984  
Height 5'10"  
Weight 230 lbs 


Biography Charlie Ace started his career as a wrestler in his home state of Pennsylvania. Ace was known locally for both his high flying techniques and his brash, loud-mouthed, outspoken personality. As a wrestler Ace was competent but had limited success. Some attribute this to a lazy work ethic. Charlie, however, maintains this was due to many influential members of the wrestling world taking a personal dislike to him.

During his entrance, Ace would typically backflip from the middle rope into the ring. Before a match in March 2013 Ace performed his usual entrance but landed incorrectly and tore the ACL in his right knee.

While on the shelf Charlie Ace turned to management and found that he had quite the knack for it. His brash personality loaned itself immedaitely to being the mouthpiece for any wrestler benefiting from his services.

After 12 months on the injury list, Ace was cleared to wrestle by the doctors, but he was adamant that his employers were trying to rush him back to competition and that he wasn't ready. Charlie made a point of walking with a cane around this time and sometimes resorted to the use of a wheelchair whenever his condition worsened.

Despite moving on to new companies and organisations Ace has maintained that his injury ended his in ring career and that he will never wrestle again. He carries a cane regularly, however, he only sporadically uses it to walk. 
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"Boogie, I've heard some delusions of grandeur in my day, but hot-dog-on-a-summer-sidewalk-and-other-Texas-catchphrases, your delusions take the cake. Actually, your delusions took the whole bakery, leaving it without so much as a speck of flour to cook with. Your delusions are currently involved in a high speed police chase down the Pacific Coast Highway live on CNN with frosting on the corners of its mouth as we speak, is what I'm saying."

- Dan Ryan


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2. Crimson Lord
3. Kendrix
4. THE Jay Harvey
5. Dan Ryan



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