Claira St. Sure Biography


Real Name
René-Claira St. Sure  
Kingston, Jamaica  
June 12th, 1986  
141 lbs lbs 


In 2008, Kai Scott went to Jamaica to try to track down a man named Lawrence Cheung. Instead of finding Cheung, he came back to the States with Claira St. Sure, and the stated intent of molding her into an dark counterpart to Heidi Christenson.

Although she was intended to be one third of a trios tag team in Old Line Wrestling, that promotion folded before she could even debut. Kai took her, along with Jonny Booya and Cole Christenson, to the WfWA, where he called them the Truly Untouchables. They landed in the promotion International Influence. Although Booya and Christenson were treated well, the promoter did not like female wrestlers but was too much of a pussy to say so, so he just mistreated Claira until the T-UTs departed the federation.

Deciding that trying to make Claira be like Heidi was too much pressure at that point in her career, Kai Scott brought Diane Parker into the T-UTs, and then took the girls to Mexico for a learning excursion while sending Booya to Japan. Cole quit.

Then Defiance happened. Scott decided to send Booya and use Claira and Diane as an interference tandem, but with Eric Dane impatient to get the tournament started, Scott volunteered to send St. Sure in as a wrestler.

Claira nearly won the GCL. When The Untouchables reformed, Kai Scott threw her and Diane Parker to the curb. Rather than leave Defiance, Claira decided to carry on under Diane's management. Then Claira decided to help Kai win the World Title, and the Truly Untouchables reformed. 
Other Feds
Other Fed Titles
Other Fed Awards
Pretty much the silent fighting machine gimmick played straight. Although Claira can talk for herself if she has to, she usually lets Kai Scott or Diane Parker speak for her. 
1) Good instincts. It's both hard to explain and by far her biggest strength. She's frequently in the right place at the right time to hit the right move.
2) Years of conditioning as a fighter. She's new to wrestling but not fighting, and is used to getting smashed up.
3) Apparently, she's hot enough that it distracts the guys. Even though she has abs instead of big breasts, and Kai specifically encouraged her not to play to her looks one way or another 
1) Size/strength disadvantage. 5'8"141 lbs, it's a given.
2) Unadaptable wrestling style. Against someone too big to take down or who's better than she is on the mat, she's in big trouble right off the bat
3) Unimaginative. She doesn't deal well with wrestler who'd prefer to just scrap as opposed to wrestle or even fight, or with those with bad wrestling psychology. 




- Mushigihara


1. Oscar Burns
2. Scott Douglas
3. Elise Ares
4. Scott Stevens
5. Gage Blackwood



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