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Clyde Fox Biography


Real Name
Clyde Fox  
Niceville, Florida  
August 1, 1992  
190 lbs.  


Clyde Fox is a happy-go-lucky young adult who refuses to be negative. Born to loving parents in Niceville, Florida, Clyde always seemed to smile as bright as the southern sun and reflect the same temperament found in his hometown's namesake. It wasn't long before he discovered a skill for fighting out of necessity. Growing up the scrawniest kid made him an easy target for bullying. It didn't help matters that his high-pitched voice never seemed to adjust post puberty and the slurred speech that followed made him easy to laugh at. Clyde simply decided to be happy and use his gifts to entertain instead. His fighting skills grew to the point where he became passionate about dazzling and amazing the fans he calls 'Fwends.' His skill is fueled purely by his natural high-flying ability and the severe training he underwent in 'Kitty Fox Fu' after a move to Hong Kong, China. He now returns stateside with a whole new purpose; teach any bullies he encounters a 'wesson,' brace-faced and all. 
Other Feds
PIW, NBW, Action!, GCW, Just Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles
PIW Internet Champion, PIW Television Champion, PIW Hardcore Champion (x2), PIW Tag Team Champion, PIW World Champion (x2), NBW Hardcore Champion, Action! Champion, GCW Television Champion (x2)  
Other Fed Awards
PIW Hall of Fame, Action! Top Face Award, Action! Hall of Fame, GCW Segments of the Year Award, GCW Rampage Tournament Winner  
Clyde Fox is happier than you. He has the squeakiest of voices, braces on his teeth and a slight speech impediment because of that, and of course, good hair. He is always happy to see you even if you're not happy to see him. Don't misconstrue his softness for weakness though; Clyde can be as tough as nails when he needs to be. He is not dumb, special needs, or developmentally delayed either; if a descriptor word had to be applied to his personality style, it would clearly be naïve. Clyde is overly trusting and refuses to see nothing but the best in people. In order, his purpose is to be happy, create a light and dark balance wherever he goes, to grow his 'Fwend Den' on social media with friend requests, and even though it might lambaste him as a nerd, he gives top effort to stay up-to-date with his preferred pop culture influences all of which will be explored.

Clyde has two traditional wrestling styles. First and foremost, Clyde's natural slenderness lends itself well to agility, quickness and speed. His innate high-flying ability makes him a menace in the ring unless you can get your hands on him to slow him down. Secondly and probably most surprisingly, Clyde is trained in the light arts known as 'Kitty Fox Fu.' He spent an unknown amount of time in Hong Kong, China perfecting this craft and making it his own. While there, he was trained under the tutelage of the mystical Fuji Enchen and fought against various dark forces. Because of this rather unorthodox combination of striking and high-flying ability, Clyde has garnered the reputation of a formidable force within the wrestling ranks. However, this does not make him invincible. He is plenty susceptible to being over powered as well as not recovering from high impact moves, again because of his lanky build. Clyde will often ride it out in the bitterest of fashions but when his goose is cooked he will somberly submit.

Now that he is in DEFIANCE, Clyde finally feels it's time to say "Heto" and introduce himself to all his potential 'Fwends.' 
Speedy, fast, agile
Clyde has an excellent sense of speed and balance. His ability to move and adjust on the fly can only be rivaled by a contortionist.

Charming and cute soul, an unequivocally good person
Clyde is the purest of the pure hearted. He childishly waves at anyone and everyone and then points to his hand waving with the other as if you weren't already looking at his cute little waving tactic.

Sound offensive execution, rarely sloppy
Clyde's discipline was honed by his 'Kitty Fox Fu' Sensei Fuji Enchen. Focus, spirit and vitality is what Clyde spends his energy on and in turn, he is able to mount a formidable attack against his foes. 
Lacks power
Clyde is slender and therefore is prone to being overpowered. Even his great speed won't get him out of certain situations because things start to get really interesting once his opponent gets a hold of him.

Overly trusting and easily fooled
Unfortunately for Clyde, because he is so happy, he automatically thinks everyone else is and therefore he leans on the side of being a little bit too trusting, which can often get him into deep trouble or worse.

Thinks everyone is just as happy as him
Branching from being trusting, Clyde is happy and if you're not, well then he's more determined than the most loyal canine to win you over. Being this happy, at times almost obnoxiously so, can anger many others including those with short tempers or God complexes. 


  • Heto
  • G'Bye
  • Fwend
  • Budday
  • Brutak
  • Silly stick in da mud



"Maybe Oxford doesn’t prepare people for such challenging life situations as --- reading the correct city on your itinerary, flying to the proper city for your event. My God, Blaine, you’re standing there in your candy cane panties giving me a VERBAL UNDRESSING…… from the wrong city. How did this happen?? Who can you fire?"

- Dan Ryan




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