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Crimson Lord Biography


Real Name
Scott Vicious  
CL, Crimson, The Majestic, The Crown Jewel of the Wrestling Industry  
Chicago, Ill.  
348 lbs  


Backstory of Personality Plague of Darkness into Perfect Weapon Crimson Lord

Angelica “Gaze” Vicious - Crimson’s wife
WynLyn "Zoey" Vicious - Crimson's Daughter

A Lot of things came crumbling down in Crimson and Gaze’s life, after Crimson’s last run in the UTA in 2015. Crimson and Gaze separated in January of 2017. The nightclub they both had for over 15 years was sold. Each took their respective shares of the sell, Crimson invest his money into his own wrestling school which WynLyn his daughter has trained for the last 11 years. Gaze on the other hand took her share and opened up a cafe in downtown Chicago called “The Lady in Black Cafe”

Gaze’s relationship between WynLyn known in the UTAverse as Zoey was at the forefront of her parents separating. Zoey grew a dislike for her mother for not standing by her father’s issues after the UTA in 2015. Gaze has tried to mend their issues, but Zoey has ignored any attempt of her trying to get into contact with her.

After the incident almost putting Crimson Lord on the shelf in 2015, he was put into a hospital to be monitored. Crimson proved to be a very uncooperative patient. His rage that he has been so well known for even showed while at the hospital. He assaulted nurses, and doctors. Crimson grew a quick hatred for hospitals. Gaze stood by him as long as she could along with Zoey. Crimson soon turned his rage toward her for keeping him locked up in a hospital.

It was there that their rift began, Crimson and Gaze on numerous occasions, were arguing constantly. A Lot of the time Zoey witness it. It was clear their once undying love was indeed dying. Gaze just could not take the fighting anymore and seeing the man she loved in this state of mind. She stopped visiting him. In her eyes she felt it was not helping his condition with her around. This is where her not realizing it at the moment that it affected Zoey as well. She took it as her abandoning her and her dad at his time of need.

Crimson, would get out of the hospital finally, but before leaving he assaulted a janitor for almost falling on a slippery floor he just mopped. Things got even worse for him as the janitor threatened to sue the hospital, and Crimson if he was not compensated. By this time the hospital management also heard of Crimson’s stay with them and his reckless abuse of their staff. On Top of their employee suing them for a unsafe environment.

Crimson was taken to court, and fined 50,000 dollars plus damages and medical costs for his abuse of the hospital staff and the janitor. He was also ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, and weekly anger management classes. Zoey stood by her father the entire time, Gaze would know of the situation just by witnessing the trial on television. She threw herself into her business and tried to keep her mind off the events that transpired.

The evaluation of Crimson’s psyche revealed a split personality disorder. One side of the personality showed violent tendencies, just full of unrestrained rage. While the other side seemed to be the more calm and restrained personality. No doubt the personality that kept Gaze with him all these years. The anger management classes seem to go absolutely nowhere with that violent personality in full control of Crimson Lord. Most of the sessions, Zoey was asked to accompany her dad because it seemed she was the only one able to control his violent tendencies.

After the required classes Crimson was once more summoned to the court for yet another lawsuit of assault on a member of the anger management staff. Nearly going through the fortune he made in the wrestling business, he lost his wrestling gym, this time around in the trial. Crimson’s attorney would file the plea of insanity. Both the prosecutor and the defense attorney met with the judge to work out a deal.

The judge wanted to throw Crimson in jail, but a compromise was met. By all three of having him committed to an asylum. For even more rehabilitation exercises. He would also lose, his property that his mansion was on. To pay for legal fees, and damages to his victim. Crimson was told of the verdict, and for the first time in months, Crimson seem a calm and relieved almost in shock.

He was ordered to return to the courthouse to sign the lease with his wife of the property to the state. Crimson seemed rather distraught as he walked out of the courtroom, with his daughter and attorney. Until they left the courtroom where he would slam his attorney against the wall with his hand firmly around his neck. That same rage that got him into all this trouble had quickly resurfaced. Zoey was able to convince Crimson to release the attorney. She quickly apologized for her father. Zoey yelled at her father to also apologize. Crimson reluctantly said his apologies, the attorney accepted it and was a bit rattled but let it go as he was leaving he was stopped by Crimson’s voice telling him he was fired.

The attorney shook his head and seemed a bit relieved as he left. Zoey was not happy with her father. As they left the courtroom, they saw reporters quickly trying to get a statement. Zoey pushed through them, her father kept silent as they reached his limo. What wrestling fans Crimson had left from his wrestling days stood on the sidewalk. Some showed signs for get well soon Plague of Darkness. Zoey entered the limo first and Crimson just stared at the fans he had left. It was as though something inside snapped. He lowered his head and entered the limo.

Crimson returned to the courthouse, with Zoey this time in a cab. Again hounded by the reporters once more they pushed through and entered the courthouse. Crimson clearly distraught. As they enter the judge's chamber Gaze sits in one of the chairs. She gets up and Zoey clearly could care less about her mother. She directs Crimson to his chair. Gaze tries to get a word with Zoey but she quickly leaves the room. Gaze puts her hand on Crimson’s hand.

He looks down at her hand and then puts his other hand on top of hers. The moment is quickly broken up as the judge with the prosecutor attorney slides the lease to his manor to him. Gaze sighs for a moment. Crimson has not said a word she slowly signs the document. And hands the pen to Crimson. He stares at it for a moment. Then back at the judge. Then to his wife, then back at the document and slowly signs the document. The judge notifies him that we have orderlies outside the room to take you away to the asylum. The judge tells him that Crimson was one of his favorite wrestlers growing up. Yet another stake in Crimson psyche as it finally seemed to be sinking in who he has let down.

The judge wishes him a speedy recovering and hopefully doesn’t see him again. Or unfortunately he will have no choice but to send him to prison. He lets Crimson know he will have one more chance to see his daughter before they cuff him and take him to the asylum. Crimson does not say one word to the judge or to his wife who tries to show him support. He gets up and leaves the room, reality has set in and with Zoey too. As she sees the orderlies outside the door. As Crimson steps out of the room Zoey crying hugs him immediately.

Refusing to let him go until the orderlies move in Gaze helps her come to grips with it. The last thing Zoey hears from her father is that he was sorry. Zoey for the first time in months actually cries in Gaze’s arms as her father is taken away. Gaze tries to stay strong but even her emotions have gotten to her. After a few minutes of Zoey crying she quickly pushes her mother off her and blames her for what happened to her father. She leaves with Gaze trying to say something to her but it was too late.

A few months pass, Gaze receives a letter to come to the asylum her husband is at later in the week. She arrives at the asylum, and for the first time sees her daughter since the courtroom. Clearly she still wants nothing to do with her mother she walks into the asylum, with her mother following behind her. The two are lead to a room to a doctor who has Crimson restrained on a bed. Zoey demands they free her father. Gaze again tries to calm her down, the doctors try as well. Zoey calms down for a few minutes, the doctor gives them some good news that brings a smile to both their faces.

He informs them their is a way to block this personality that has caused so much damage to his psyche, and the people around him. He asked them there is a way to give them the ability to control his personality. The ability should only be kept within the family. The doctor goes on to say, each night he has to be in a calm receptive mood. You both will have a codeword to use, if he begins to show those violent tendencies then the codeword will switch his personality off. However there is a negative affect as well, should the word be used while he is in his calm state he will be triggered to that violent personality.

Through hypnosis we have been able to subdue his violent personality to a word only given by family members. So i have summoned the two of you here to give him the appropriate programming. Gaze doesn’t seem to like this method of treatment, Zoey on the other hand clearly blurts out if he will be able to return home with her. The doctor assured her after seeing if the programming has worked he tells her that he would. Zoey quickly agrees with the treatment, Gaze has second thoughts but realizing this is important to her daughter reluctantly agrees with the procedure.

Crimson and family pay one last visit to the judge, for a follow up to his treatment. To the approval of the judge to be fully reinstated to society. The relationship between Gaze and Crimson didn’t change much as Zoey clearly wanted nothing to do with her or to be around her father for fear of a relapse. Crimson let's Gaze know that maybe she is right, and they need some time apart. Gaze a bit distraught but agrees and leaves the two.

Zoey is no longer with Crimson Lord as of UTA's Absolution PPV

Perfect Weapon into the Messiah of Pain Backstory
Coming Soon 
Other Feds
Other Fed Titles
WrestleUTA World Champion x2, UTA Hardcore Champion x1, UTA Intercontinental Champion x1, UTA World Tag Team Champion x1 (w. The Spectre)  
Other Fed Awards
UTA 2003 Hall of Famer, 2015 UTA Scariest Wrestler of the Year  
Zealot - He believes that the babyfaces are the true evil of DEFIANCE, not the heels 
Crimson’s power is very hard to match
For a man his size, he is able to last a long time in the ring…(able to last as long as a 60 minute Iron Man match)
Veteran in the ring, knows where he is at all times from his experience in the ring. 
Crimson is not very fast, given his frame and size.
Sometimes his rage gets the best of him and he risks disqualification for ignoring the rules of match or the referee for that matter.
With all seven footers always the wheels. 


  • I am The Crown Jewel of the Wrestling Industry!



"You and I, Scott… we aren’t done. I said I was going to make your life hell and I promise you I will."

- Jay Harvey




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