Don Hollywood Biography


Physical Description
Out of the ring Don dresses in the tackiest and gaudiest of current fashion, like an Esquire magazine throws up in his closet every quarter with the latest in awful rich douchebag wear. His bleached blond hair is always cut short and combed back, always impeccably tanned and groomed. Metrosexual doesn't even come close to describing the levels Don Hollywood goes to to keep himself looking flawless. 
"I might not be some collegiate schmuck or some roided out freak but I’m the best damn thing goin’ today, you hear me ya’ God damn nerds? I’m the BEST! East coast to west Dapper Don is keeping the tradition alive and making this game look like the only one played, Jack. I don’t wrestle, I give ‘em the Hollywood treatment, you followin’ where I’m goin’, jerks? I’m not a wrestler... I’m an damn entertainer! I’m everything you geeks aren’t. I’m an epic individual living amongst the decidedly un-epic masses." 
Ring Attire
In ring he keeps it pretty classic with the monogrammed trunks and matching boots, usually in shades of green. He varies the ring entrance wear, everything from velour jackets with his name on the back to 70’s style sequined ring robes to one of ACX's t-shirts (cut off to show off the abs, obvs.) 


Homegrown, grade ‘A’ genuine Hollywood slime, Don Hollywood isn’t a gimmick... it’s a lifestyle. On the surface he’s a crass, cocky young man cut from the same classic cloth of the champions of the 70’s and 80’s. Lantern jaw, short cropped blond hair, tanned adonis like physique and a mouth that never stops singing his own praises. Underneath the surface though you’ll find a frustrated young man most definitely on the wrong side of thirty not quite sure he has anything to show for his over ten years killing himself on the indie scene. He’s cool as ice most of the time but under the surface "Dapper" Don is as bad as they come.





- Mushigihara


1. Oscar Burns
2. Scott Douglas
3. Elise Ares
4. Scott Stevens
5. Gage Blackwood



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