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Felton Bigsby Biography


Real Name Felton Bigsby  
Alias(es) Houston Strong  
Hometown Houston, TX  
Birthday 1992  
Height 6'2"  
Weight 320 lbs.  


Biography - from a rough neighborhood in Houston.
- 6’2" and build like a mac truck.
- not that bright but when you’re as strong as Felton, who cares.
- very short fuse.
- loves his grandmama.
- trained with Bronson Box and Lindsay Troy at their respective camps. 
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Strengths 1. Unbelievably strong, was a powerlifter and football player throughout high school.
2. Speed + Power. He’s huge but moves like a man half his size.
3. Trained by the best. Has had hands on training with former DEF World Champ Bronson Box and his trainer Spud Collins at Bronson’s private grappling facility "The Conclave" in the hills of northern Utah. Also spent a considerable amount of time at Lindsay Troy's camp recently. 
Weaknesses 1. Very green rookie. Just a couple years as a wrestler under his belt.
2. Very naive, kind hearted, very trusting young man… a trait that can get you chewed up and spit out in the often times harsh world of professional wrestling.
3. Bad knees from high school football and powerlifting. 



"I thought the dude who played Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch was long gone, lost to the ether as another casualty of gimmicky 70s television. But you gave him a part to play in your promo for a World Championship match, and as they say, any publicity is good publicity."

- Dan Ryan


1. Mikey Unlikely
2. Crimson Lord
3. Kendrix
4. THE Jay Harvey
5. Dan Ryan



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