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Gage Blackwood Biography


Real Name
Gage Blackwood  
Edinburgh, Scotland  
May 23, 1992  
210 lbs  


The Blackwood family name is well known in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom. Unfortunately for Gage, he is not. A 4th generation wrestler, Gage comes from a charismatic family and became a wrestler because of his family history. However, Gage lacks the personality that made his bloodline a household name. Living up to the "Blackwood" expectations has already proven to be difficult. Bounced around from small organization to small organization, Gage could not draw a connection to these specific fan bases and even when he did, the instability of the smaller federations meant Gage would have to start from square one all over again.

Make no mistake, Gage can wrestle. He can hand out punishment and he can take a beating, too. He can wrestle a great match and this strength will eventually win him over with the fans because he's polite, quiet and not interested in in-ring politics. It has just been a difficult journey for Gage to get to this moment, an opportunity in DEFIANCE. He has worked his entire life to get here, a organization with stability and committed fans. He has previously faced much disappointment. While he has traveled the world, it has been to remote locations, wrestling in front of crowds no bigger than 15-20 people for more than 8 years, feeling like he's wasting away in the middle of nowhere and wondering if he made the right career choice.


Did he choose the correct path?

There's no turning back now. 
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Gage is a no-nonsense wrestler, in that he doesn't get tied up in alliances or in-ring politics. He enjoys hurting people and being hurt, but nothing that pushes him past the line of becoming a heel. He doesn't talk a lot and much of his previous history is unknown. However, he comes from a family of past wrestlers (he's technically a 4th generation wrestler) whose previous family members have all been highly respected in their careers for their charisma and flamboyant personalities. Fans are drawn to Gage because he doesn't show off, he works hard and is usually respectful of his opponents (after the match has ended). Although, currently Gage is not truly over with the fans as they are somewhat apathetic to him because he lacks a personality/doesn't talk on the mic a lot and has a mysterious background. 
1. High pain threshold, 2. hard to distract and 3. has the desire to get better. 
1. Is not very personable, 2. has a hard time understanding team dynamics and 3. is still learning and prone to mistakes. 



"Don’t give me that crap! His shoulders were on the mat and the official slapped the mat three times so that makes me the true champion! Cayle Murray can parade around all he wants and claim to be the DEFIANCE champion and that idiot Angus can dick ride him all he wants but they both know who is the true victor here tonight"

- Scott Stevens




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