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Jack Harmen Biography


Real Name Jack Harmen  
Alias(es) The Lunatic  
Hometown Los Angeles, CA  
Birthday 12/17/1975  
Height 6'0"  
Weight 224  


Biography Jack Harmen is sad because Justin and James are angry with each other. 
Other Feds IWO, WWR, FWO, Action!, tSC, PRIME, NFW, EPW, CSWA  
Other Fed Titles IWO (All including World), WWR World Championship, FWO World, Internet, Tag, & Cruiserweight, tSC Tag Team Titles (x3), Jolt Tag Team Titles (x3), PRIME Tag team Titles (x3), NFW Everette Memorial Tag, NFW National, NFW World (Current), nbW World Heav  
Other Fed Awards 2001 IWO Hall of Fame, 2012 nbW Hall of Fame, 2012 PRIME Hall of Fame  
Gimmick Crafty ring veteran who is either playful and colorful, or vengeful and crazy.

The key to Jack Harmen? As written by someone from the FWO, probably Pants.
"It's unclear whether he (Jack Harmen) is a sane man playing at insanity, or a deranged man (pretending to be) sane." 
Strengths Quickness / Agility: A great center of gravity, able to run the top ring ropes for three to five steps before flying (like taker), and has a tendency to land on his feet like a cat. This can be a BAD thing when someone works the knees.

Tenacity / Durability: Harmen will sell like a KING, being KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT, but it takes a LOT for Harmen to eat the three, especially during big matches. Don’t get me wrong, Harmen will lose, and he loses MORE than he wins, AND he has NO problems tapping, but during big matches or heated feuds, it’s like he has an extra tank of gas and he’s lit that shit on fire.

Experience: 20 years in the sport, at age 37, gives him an edge over quite a lot of other competitors. More times than not, Harmen is in the right place at the right time. He can also be VERY creative with the rules of professional wrestling. 
Weaknesses Over-confidence / emotions �" His ego gets him into trouble. Very easily. Look! There’s a picture of me on a billboard. SPLAT. His falls from grace usually come quickly and violently due to his own hubris. He will also let his emotions get the better to him. Think of him as an impulsive yet successful toddler.

Strength �" Harmen is on the smaller side, therefore a few of his "bigger impact" grapple moves can’t be done on larger opponents. Harmen’s strikes are not about STRENGTH, they are about QUICKNESS and STUNNING an opponent. He is easily tossed around. Think Rey Mysterio being held by Kevin Nash thrown into production trucks every day easy to throw around.

Injuries �" Harmen had a minor tear in his left ACL in 2000, and reaggravated the injury in 2001. He’s had numerous broken bones and a single concussion. Plus, numerous small scars and past burns. Harmen is a beaten battered man, who keeps getting up asking for more. 


  • I am a member… of the United Toughness Alliance.
  • ’ll give you that win. It’ll be the last one you ever have.



"That’s why I’m the best… and you’re not."

- Jay Harvey


1. Cayle Murray
2. Scott Douglas
3. Oscar Burns
4. Elise Ares
5. Gage Blackwood



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