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Jake Donovan Biography


Real Name Jake Donovan  
Hometown Mason City Iowa  
Birthday sept 3, 1992  
Height 6'2  
Weight 215  


Biography Jake fell in love with wrestling at an early age, and used to attempt to imitate the moves he saw on TV in the backyard with his friends in makeshift rings and on trampolines. Once he'd graduated from high school he traveled around, learning from those who were willing to take the time to teach him a few things. Jake's training, prior to DEFIANCE was sporadic, as he was trained by several different individuals, none with any consistency. Once in Defiance he came to realize that he was in a bit over his head, and left to pursue additional training and seasoning. He ended up working out of Team Danger's FL/GA indy based promotion out of Jacksonville, until being deemed ready to return to DEFIANCE. Joined Dangerzone Promotions and is now ready to reconnect with the DEFIANCE fan base he left behind. 
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Gimmick thrill junky, loves doing extreme shit in and out of the ring, attention seeker 
Strengths ability to adapt to different situations in the ring and control the tempo with strikes and fast offense.

Has very focused submissions targeting the arm to help limit the power of his stronger opponents.

Willing and eagerness to learn from older, more decorated stars, takes advice to heart, seeks growth from every loss.
Weaknesses He’s not the biggest guy in the world, so he lacks the power to really get out of situations once he’s been grounded.

Sometimes goes for the high risk stuff when something simpler would get the job done.

Fearlessness can lead to recklessness, so at times he does unnecessary damage to his body.


  • Dreams ‘ill get you killed ‘round here



"Don’t you even think about turning that off…"

- Jay Harvey


1. Oscar Burns
2. Scott Douglas
3. Elise Ares
4. Scott Stevens
5. Gage Blackwood



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