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Howlin' Joe Wolfe Biography


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Physical Description Tall, muscular with a bit of definition, yet kind of lanky for his combination of height and weight (think of a young Barry Windham from the 80s). 
Joe's a good old fashioned Southern boy from the southwestern coast of Louisiana. He minds his P's and Q's with a respectful smile and a can do attitude, though he's not annoyingly sugary sweet about it. Some may attempt to compare him to his mentor Dusty Griffith, however Joe is nowhere near as stoic or gruff.
Ring Attire Black trunks, white wrist tape, cowboy style wrestling boots. 


Biography Former college athlete (football and basketball with the University of Tulane) turned pro wrestler. Joe is one of the first "true born" prospects of the BRAZEN project headed by Angus Skaaland. Wolfe was actually scouted and recruited by former DEFIANCE World Champion, Dusty Griffith, when DEFIANCE returned to the United States after the companies world tour. Joe is a big kid with raw talent, given time, opportunity and dedication to the sport, he could be one of the first major success stories of DEFIANCE's developmental system.



"I am the DEFIANCE Wrestling Champion. I know it, you know it, this camera man knows it, and the whole world knows it because I had Cayle Murray’s bitch ass laying on the mat and the official’s hand hit the mat three times."

- Scott Stevens


1. Cayle Murray
2. Scott Douglas
3. Oscar Burns
4. Elise Ares
5. Gage Blackwood



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