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Jonny Booya Biography


Real Name Jonathan Andrews  
Real Name Jonathan Andrews  
Alias(es) Jonny Bravo, LAREDO, Jon Andrews  
Alias(es) Jonny Bravo, LAREDO, Jon Andrews  
Hometown Charlotte, North Carolina  
Hometown Charlotte, North Carolina  
Birthday May 28, 1980  
Birthday May 28, 1980  
Height 6'6"  
Height 6'6"  
Weight 264 lbs  
Weight 264 lbs  
Handedness Left  
Handedness Left  


Biography Jon Andrews originally intended to be a bodybuilder rather than a pro wrestler. However, two of his cousins (Jeff Andrews and Brad Andrews) and his younger brother (Jay Andrews aka Miah DeVan) all became pro wrestlers, and so Jon was eventually brought in by Brad and Miah as a bodyguard/manager/lackey/hired muscle/running buddy with a vaguely assigned role.

His initial gimmick, Jonny Bravo, which was inspired heavily by the cartoon Johnny Bravo, was... polarizing. Some thought Jonny was hilarious, some thought he was intolerably obnoxious. Neither of those opinions helped him get taken seriously, even though he was pretty good in the ring.

So when Kai Scott decided to create the Truly Untouchables, Jonny got word and begged Scott for a job. Scott happily took him under his wing. Jonny first debuted as LAREDO, Scott's humorless enforcer, and then changed his name to Jonny Booya, "so that people would never forget exactly why they never respected me... and why that doesn't matter".

Then he got bored being all grim and emotionless and stoic so he started doing most of his Jonny Bravo routine again.

After ending up in a feud with COOL Cancer Jiles, Booya stole the COOL shades that were Jiles' trademark, and becamse COOL Jonny Booya. He also somehow became stupider, redneckier, and decided that his fanbase was now known as The Meatheads. 
Other Feds Old Line Wrestling, International Influence  
Other Fed Titles II Tag Team Champion (w/Cole Christenson)  
Other Fed Awards  
Gimmick Obnoxious. If Jonny sees a reflective surface, he will either flex, fix his hair, or both. He will shout "BOOYA" and "OH YEAH" for any reason, or no reason at all, and he will hotdog at the drop of a hat. He gets compared to Duke Nukem constantly, and he considers this a compliment. He likes his biceps, delts and pecs, but he can't spell 'deadlift.' 
Strengths *Wingspan, he has a long reach
*His wrestling style works pretty well against any other style
*He's pretty strong, can do his power moves on people up to and around 320-330 lbs and lift a 400+ lb wrestler on his shoulders
Weaknesses *His flashy moveset comes at the expense of having a solid meat and potatoes offense beneath it
*He likes to showboat and hotdog in the ring way too much
*Has a pretty bad case of ESPN Syndrome and will take unnecessary risks if he thinks it might help him look cool. 


  • Ayngus, ifn you don't stawppit with that screamin', you ain't never gonna be COOL I tell you what.
  • You stay in my face jes one second longer, and Ah'm gonna powerbomb you straight through the fourth fuckin' wall.
  • OH YEAH!
  • Ah tell you what, anyone says someone's cooler n' me, they done BOTH crossed me. Kelly said Dee-aygo's cooler n' me, an so they're both gettin' Booya Chopped th' split second Ah get a damn chance. It ain't true Lance, Ah swear ta gawd anyone can say it is cos Ah'm COOL on a level beyond they comprehension. Either that or they jelly. But hey - everyone jelly. Ain't mah fault.




- Lord Nigel Trickelbush


1. Oscar Burns
2. Scott Douglas
3. Elise Ares
4. Scott Stevens
5. Gage Blackwood



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