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Lindsay Troy Biography


Real Name
Already told you.  
the Queen of the Ring, the Lady of the Hour, the Chairwoman, the High Queen DEFIANT, LT (informally)  
Tampa, Florida  
Old enough to know better. Wise enough to not care. (In her 30s)  


Nemo me impune lacessit: No one provokes me with impunity.
Other Feds
Other Fed Titles
HOW: Tag Team Champ (x2); LoC: Underground Champion; PRIME: Universal (x2)/Tag Team (x2)/Intense Champ; EPW: World Heavyweight (longest reigning)/Tag Team Champ; PTC: Unified Champ; TEAM: Champion of Champions; FWO: Tag Team/Hardcore Champ; +others  
Other Fed Awards
PRIME: Hall of Famer, Partial Owner (farewell run), Colossus Curse Breaker, Roulette Winner, Face/Tag Team/Feud of the Year; EPW: Hall of Famer, Former HBIC; Other Awards: ancient & irrelevant  
Lindsay Troy is the benchmark for female fighters in professional wrestling, the one all women are measured against. She's put the time in (martial arts training long before it was the cool thing to have in your skillset, plus two decades of professional experience and exposure), works hard, takes what she wants, and makes no apologies for any of it. Suffering fools gladly is not something you'll ever see her do. Troy is cunning, quick-witted, sarcastic, and perceptive - traits which have served her well on both sides of wrestling alignments - but she is also loyal, honest, quick to call bullshit, and the first to throw down if a friend is in trouble. If she counts you worthy enough to be in her inner circle, you'll have a friend and an ally for life. Wind up on her radar or piss her off and you might find yourself cut at the knees and neck before you have a chance to wonder what hit you. 
Mat/Ring Presence - She’s been doing this a long ass time, doesn’t make rookie mistakes, is always aware of her surroundings, and tries to think two to three steps ahead. You could call her a ring general and you would not be wrong.

Speed/Strength/Adaptability - She’s pretty strong, oftentimes deceptively so, but she’s not going to be able to throw around a 250+ pound guy like a rag doll like she will with some of the fellas and ladies in her weight class. Therefore, she has to rely on her speed and quickness of executing moves to control the match. Well-rounded in all manner of fighting techniques. 20+ years of martial arts experience. Not afraid to experiment/try something new/go for broke.

Resiliency/Attitude - Hard to keep grounded and not easily frustrated in the ring. Has been on the receiving end of plenty of ass whoopings and has dished quite a few out, too. Submissions/Counter-specialist. No-nonsense, both in the ring and out. Doesn’t "go away" if attacked physically or verbally. Takes absolutely none of your shit. Can play the game with the best of them.
Temper - Taking absolutely none of your shit goes hand in hand with her mouth often getting her into trouble. Rarely thinks before speaking. She’s quick with a barb, lives on thin ice, is headstrong to a fault, and always needs to get the last word (or the last punch) in.

"Mama Bear" Mentality - It’s common knowledge that Troy has always been protective of those she cares about, which has been used (and may be used again) to opponents’ advantage. The past few years have seen this take on a different, something-more-than-serious, meaning. Prepare for war if you fuck with her people, because she’ll want your blood and will break your neck to get it, and then she’ll probably impale your head on her fence like Ned Stark’s at King’s Landing.

Age/Nagging Injuries - She's in her mid-to-late 30s, so she’s no spring chicken. Her legs are vulnerable and opponents like to target there first. Can’t fly or run or lift people if you can’t stand up.


  • We'll send an Edible Arrangement as a mea culpa for the whole 'Beat up Friar Tuck and his merry band of fuckwits' thing.
  • I'm sorry, I couldn't quite hear you or your life-sized Lisa Frank-design rejects over the apparent goddamn nonsense of that disco ball you call a jacket.
  • So the Dos Equis pitchman dumps you and now you're offering me a place in the LBC?
  • Well, it's been a long-standing assumption that my ass is so hot, it sears corneas.
  • Oooh... a former this and a former that. You go, Glen Coco.
  • Don't worry, young HOSShole. I don't expect you to give up the belts that easy. The challenge is half the fun of getting the reward.
  • I cast a real wide net when it comes to me and mine. It's not about blood, and it's not about lineage. I look out for who I look out for, I run with who I run with, and *I keep an eye on them all.* And those who wanna pull some fuck shit don't tend to make it far without somethin' comin' back to 'em three-fold.
  • You three are on the fast track to becoming some very bad statistics, 'cause I don't play these playground, jungle gym games. Neither does Tyler. And neither does Wade.
  • You want to stand on my road and be a roadblock? Throw some tacks on the pavement? Grab your goons and put fists to flesh? Wish granted. You, and everyone else, will learn the hard way that you don't come for me unless I send for you.
  • Once I get goin’ there’s no power in the ‘Verse that can stop me.
  • Isn’t it a riot that a person who has no talent to speak of and who consistently failed at leveraging it to any success between the ropes believes she has the ability to see it in others? Because I find that knee-slappingly funny.
  • Far as I’m concerned, everyone here is playing for second place.
  • If you believe I’m annoying now, B, just wait until Maximum DEFIANCE. I warned you all at Aftershock to be careful what you wished for. You don’t want me to get on a roll. You don’t want me to run the damn table. Not when I’ve got one big tourney win under my belt this year and I’m just *dying* to go two-for-two. My momentum isn’t easily stopped. And if I ever have to play from behind? *Even better.*
  • Match. Tourney. Title.
  • Your super adorable streak aside, Scut Farkus, we could trot Jeff Triplette out here with a knowledge baseline of 'Rasslin Rules for Dummies' and it still wouldn't stop me from taking the FIST from your Funyun-dusted fingers.
  • Gosh, can you imagine what might’ve happened if Benny Doyle had more weight to throw around and could've prevented shenanigans? [sing-songy] *Someone wouldn’t be cha-aaaamp…*
  • I’m an institution and a known figure in the circles you and I run in. I stand as a living edifice after the sands have stripped and washed away the marvels of Ozymandias. For me, you’re a grain of sand, Stevens. Hell, even beating me, as some “retired hack”...doesn't matter.
  • But even if that were true, nobody would ever say or dare to think that Scott Stevens, even if he beat me fifty times in a row, is able to ascend to my level. Because while I was out making a name for myself, winning all those belts those shock jocks rattled off, and beginning what would become known as Lee Best’s Great Chase, you were doing...who the fuck knows what. Competing in some try-hard Alphabet Soup companies that nobody actually gives a shit about? You beating me would be the greatest accomplishment you'd ever have.



"Once I get goin’ there’s no power in the ‘Verse that can stop me."

- Lindsay Troy




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