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Mushigihara Biography


Real Name Eiichiro Yamazaki  
Alias(es) The God-Beast, The King of the Monsters, The Japanese Juggernaut, The Golden Goliath, The Monster of Mito  
Hometown Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan  
Birthday 8/12/1986  
Height 6'4"  
Weight 294 pounds  
Handedness Right  


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Strengths 1.) STRONK -- Beneath the bulk and flab is a monster that could give competitive powerlifters a run for their money. He could easily lift his body weight, or more, in a press slam position for reps. And that only makes his power moves hurt even more.

2.) Explosive -- Sumo matches are short and nasty; Mushi has built on his conditioning, allowing him to have explosive bursts of offense. As Eddie Dante will point out, a minute in the ring with Mushigihara is like five or six matches in the classical dohyo.

3.) Durable -- Like most larger wrestlers, he can take a lot of abuse. This makes him great for coming into the ring in the hopes of wearing an opponent down by simply refusing to stay down, forcing them to exert themselves more. This is especially the case during attempts to kick out of his pinfalls. 
Weaknesses 1.) Speed -- While his recent weight loss leaves him more mobile and less prone to tiring out, he's still far from a speedster. His forte is, and always has been, raw power.

2.) Dependent on standing -- Just about all of his moveset requires him to be on his feet. If you can keep him on the ground, he's in trouble.

3.) Easy to frustrate. 


  • OSU!
  • ...Osu.
  • Osu?
  • ...OSU.
  • OSU! OSU! OSU!
  • OSU?!
  • Ore no ringu ni zokushite inai. Ima shinu! (trans. -- You don't belong in my ring. Now die!)
  • Ore wa champion ni narimasu… soshite, dare mo tomeru o koto wa dekinai. (trans. -- I will become champion... and no one will be able to stop me.)



"And we have no intentions to lay down and pray for a quick end. Whatever rabbit we need to pull out of our collective hats; whether we need to land a tactical strike, or circle around you for seven days like the Hebrews in Jericho... We. Will. Persevere."

- Eddie Dante


1. Cayle Murray
2. Scott Douglas
3. Oscar Burns
4. Elise Ares
5. Gage Blackwood



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