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Nicky Corozzo Biography


Alignment 0  
Physical Description Gigantic and extremely muscular, obvious recipient of steroid abuse. Olive skin, long black hair that he keeps in a ponytail and slicks back with product. Think Kevin Nash before his original title reign, just a big mean mostly quiet bodyguard type. 
Gimmick Seven foot tall mountain of muscle. Canny fighter, dirty-tricks are his friends, and he'll do just about anything for money. 
Ring Attire Nicky always wears black, usually black slacks and a black turtle neck when the night calls for some physicality. Otherwise he'll sport some sort of sport coat, dark shades, Bluetooth ear piece to stay in constant contact with his financial benefactor The Socialite Edward White. 


Biography Nicky Corozzo was recruited into pro wrestling by Sergei Bogorovich to be the power behind the Faces of Death stable, in exchange for Sergei helping him escape his "obligations". After leaving his role as an enforcer for the Tuttoro Crime Family, Nicky stayed loyal to the FoD until Sergei's retirement from in-ring competition. He was then hired to be the Foreign Investments Manager for Edward White's organization, where he is still the power behind a stable. He's good at that job. 



"I'm sorry, but I don't have any wild horses around to complete my motif. If you want, imagine some cow patties in that field over there."

- Dan Ryan


1. Bronson Box
2. Cayle Murray
3. Impulse
4. Kendrix
5. Reaper Co.



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