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Reaper Red Biography


Real Name Unknown  
Alias(es) Codename: Reaper, Reaper Red  
Hometown Parts Unknown  
Birthday Unknown  
Height ???  
Weight ???  


Biography Reaper comes to Defiance from an unknown origin. There is no known background for Reaper at this time. This is the beginning of his story.

Update at DEFIANCE ROAD 2017
Reaper Red revealed herself to the world after losing the SoHER championship to Impulse, later that evening it was revealed that another assumed the identity of Reaper Red. The build, weight, height of this Reaper Red seems different on occasion and the true identity of who is behind the mask now is unknown. 
Other Feds None  
Other Fed Titles None  
Other Fed Awards None  
Gimmick Reaper is dressed in full black, with a black mask covering his entire face. His voice, when speaking, is modified by a device. No one knows where he truly has come from. But he looks to seek vengeance on any and all that he perceives as evil. Often is seen wearing a black trench coat, and when uncloaked has what almost appears to be body armor style padding on his chest.

His motivation and desire to rid the world of evil is based upon his past. In the whole he considers the wrestling industry as an evil, with primary focus on complacent title holders, fake wrestlers, corporate yes men, womanizers and those that think they can't pour their full blood sweat and tears into it. If a wrestler shows a lack of respect or desire to be 100% all the time, Reaper will find you. It's unknown, but highly likely that he has been wronged in the past by the industry and is seeking revenge from the inside. Chaos is the new order.
Strengths Goal Driven and Loyal. Commanded to do the bidding of Reaper Prime.


Can take a beating. 
Weaknesses Bull Headed


One sided thinking, one viewpoint, blind to everything. But the one goal he strives for.. revenge.


  • Reaper is Watching.
  • Reeves …




- Mushigihara


1. Oscar Burns
2. Scott Douglas
3. Elise Ares
4. Scott Stevens
5. Gage Blackwood



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