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The D Biography


Real Name Derek Edwards  
Alias(es) "Fly Guy", "Food", & simply Ed  
Hometown Culver City, California  
Height 5'9"  
Weight 176 lbs  


Biography Derek Edwards was trained by Jack Harmen / High Flyer in the late 90s, making his debut in independant promotions that had ties to Harmen. He tag teamed with his best friend growing up, Josh Klein. The two wowed crowds with their high flying manuevers, but their character lacked... anything.

So, Ed took acting classes. He took a LOT of acting classes. And he fell in love with acting more than he did wrestling... however, he wasn't good at it. So, he returned to the ring, now with charisma, and was able to have success in ACW & LoC in their tag divisions. Both runs were short lived however, as Ed doesn't have the passion for this industry that Josh Klein does.

Since leaving ACW, Ed worked primarily as a trainer in Harmen's Odessa Dungeon. With funding provided by the Lunatic, Ed shot his own movie, which has been critically panned. Although people have gravitated toward it because "It's so bad it's good." The movie's starlet? Elise, his newest tag team partner.

Now, the two wannabe superstars head to Defiance to annoy everyone. 
Other Feds GWA, IML3, ACW, LoC  
Other Fed Titles GWA Cruiserwight, IML3 Tag Team Titles(w/Klein), ACW Tag Team Titles(w/Klein), LoC Tag Team Titles(w/Klein)  
Other Fed Awards  
Gimmick A wannabe actor past his prime as a wrestler. He's horrible at acting, but good at wrestling. So he's coming back to slum it where he might be successful. 
Strengths Charisma - He’s money on the mic. Just don’t ask him to fake something :-).
Resilience - Able to take a lot of punishment.
Athleticism - Crisp in ring work.
Weaknesses Power - He’s a weak man.
Ego - His ego is strong, but it always hurts him.
Gullibility - The ceiling says what? 




- The Toybox


1. Oscar Burns
2. Scott Douglas
3. Elise Ares
4. Scott Stevens
5. Gage Blackwood



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