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The Toybox Biography

Fed Info

Federation Awards
CURRENT DEFIANCE Tag Team Champions  
Federation Titles
Dandelion - VWF Cabo Wabo Middleweight Championship (1), True Expert Interfed Champion (1)  


Wrestling Info

Wrestling Style
All three members have a variety of styles. Jestal is more the technical wrestler, where WynLyn is more a power style wrestler(given certain situations), and Dandelion is the acrobatic one of the group  
Finisher Move
The Broken Arrow  
Finishing Move Description
Jestal is on his back with his knees up and Dandelion comes off the top with a blockbuster into Jestal's knees  
Finisher Setup Move
Finisher Setup Move Description
Special Moves
Move Set
Entrance Music
Hungry for Another One by JT Machinima  
Ring Entrances
The Group has three intros, depending on what the slot machine lands on...

Crimson Lord V/O:

The toybox given to the trio sits at the entranceway. The lid opens and a white light shines from inside the box. Above the toybox the DefTron shows a two slot machine.

Twisted Twins - Dandelion and Jestal

The Roulette - Jestal and WynLyn

♫ “Gimmie All Your Lovin” by ZZ Top ♫
A black light shines down on Dandelion who is standing just to the side of the entranceway. Clucky is strapped to her shoulder. Dani is in black jeans, with a Green ToyBox Shirt. She has a bass guitar, around her shoulder a pair of black shades. On her shoulder, Clucky has a similar attire a black suit jacket with a green dress shirt no pants a fedora hat with black shades as well. With a little mini guitar positioned across his torso.

WynLyn steps from behind the curtain in a leather jacket with a fox tail lining, in green and pink attire she wears normally to the ring and a pair of black shades. The DEFIANCE Tag Team Championship around her waist. Jestal is not far behind him in a green penguin suit jacket, with a red bow tie. His tag team Championship around his neck.

Darren Quimbly:
Making their way to the ring..representing The ToyBox...

As Wyn leads the rest of The ToyBox to the ring Jestal is pleading with her for attention, and like your common self centered girl ignores his advances as they reach the ring. She climbs up the steps and Jestal quickly hops on the apron and tries to hold the ropes for her. Steps through the bottom and middle rope. Jestal quickly follows and Wyn walks to the ropes facing the main camera stepping on the bottom rope with her left foot and kicking her right back leaning into the middle and top rope with her arms stretched out. Jest leans against the ropes opposite of hers and makes a kissing motion with his fist as he admires his view.

Darren Quimbly:
They are the DEFIANCE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS... the team of “The Queen Bee” WynLyn and “The Mad Prince” Jestal….THE ROULETTE!!

Dandelion awaits in their corner, as the two meet face to face in the ring handing their championships to the referee.

Elegance - WynLyn and Dandelion 



"Don’t give me that crap! His shoulders were on the mat and the official slapped the mat three times so that makes me the true champion! Cayle Murray can parade around all he wants and claim to be the DEFIANCE champion and that idiot Angus can dick ride him all he wants but they both know who is the true victor here tonight"

- Scott Stevens




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