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Troy Matthews Biography


Real Name David R. Troy, Jr.  
Alias(es) Devil Red, The Jersey Devil, The Slayer of Giants, Devilman, Red, Jersey  
Hometown Jersey City, NJ  
Birthday October 24, 1980  
Height 5'10"  
Weight 188 pounds  
Handedness Right  


Other Feds  
Other Fed Titles OLW Trios Tag Team Titles (w/ Ryan Andrews and Alex Markham), CRW Tag Team Titles (w/ Alex Markham)  
Other Fed Awards  
Gimmick His betrayal by, and eventual triumph over, the Philosopher Kings has brought out a new look and attitude; Troy Matthews now pushes himself to be more competitive, and now comes off as more assertive than ever. His formerly green hair and ring attire now represented by the color red, Troy still carries himself with a sarcastic, fun-loving streak, but make no mistake, he is still a very fierce competitor, and a dangerous opponent. 
Strengths 1.) The Slayer of Giants. No one knows how it came to be, but whenever Troy's in the ring with someone considerably larger and stronger than he is, it seems like he gets a +4 stat bonus against them. He just magically improves against them.

2.) Toughness. He's been trained in Muay Thai, a martial art where kicking trees is part of your training, which not only kills nerve endings in your shins, but also makes tiny breaks in your shinbones, which then heal, making the bone harder and stronger. That should sum it up. On top of that, he keeps in excellent physical condition, so his cardio is off the charts. Good luck wearing him out without going for the knockout blow.

3.) Basic style. Matthews actually uses a fairly simple moveset with enough flourishes to make him look awesome (mostly by way of his kicks and roll-ups); that's how you know the moves he DOES use are effective and painful. 
Weaknesses 1.) Size. Tonka Tough as he may be, and as hard as he kicks, Matthews is still a cruiserweight, and can easily be thrown around by larger opponents.

2.) Focus. He's very disciplined in his training, but also very willing to have a fun. Sometimes, one or the other (usually the latter) can get out of hand, leading him to be unfocused. Usually, Saori is there to get him back on pace, but if she's away or incapacitated, then you have a Jersey Devil who's everywhere at once.

3.) His right knee. It's been injured several times, and stands out as a weak point. His intense training makes it less obvious, because it doesn't really effect his kicking abilities, but trauma and wear-and-tear can still do a number. 


  • Tell 'em, Mushi.



"You better not even think about farting in my brand new Ford GT."

- Jay Harvey


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2. Scott Douglas
3. Elise Ares
4. Scott Stevens
5. Gage Blackwood



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