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Tyrone Walker Biography


Real Name
Tyrone Walker Allen  
Tyrone Walker, The Extreme Franchise, The Blackaconda, The Black Jesus, The Human Pinball Wizard, Blackimus Prime  
Jacksonville, Florida  
August 17 1974  
6ft 2in  


The Fucking Short Version:

It's been five years and change since Tyrone Walker has seriously competed as a full time player. In the time that has past he has spent it in recovery both physically and mentally. During his recovery he has cleaned himself out, healed himself up and has gotten himself into the best mental and physical shape he's been in for years.

The man finds himself with a new found desire to get back into the game following his sudden appearance at DEFTV35 and subsequently at UNTOUCHABLE. Time will tell how far he'll go once he's back into the swing of things.

In the time before his hiatus.

Tyrone Walker is mostly known for being one half of the legendary tag team, Team Danger. Further he's known to be the man who is friends and enemies with just about everyone and anyone who has amounted to anything in the game.
Other Feds
NeWA, WfWA, PNW, CeWF, ACW (and more)  
Other Fed Titles
(NeWA) World Heavyweight, World Tag Team, World Hardcore, PNW Tag Team, CeWF Florida State; (WfWA) World Tag Team, National Heavyweight, ACW Heavyweight & Tag Team; (countless others)  
Other Fed Awards
1999 NeWA King of the Deathmatch  
A man with a renewed drive for the sport that has made his life possible. Today is the first chapter in a new novel of the man's life and times in the game. Where this leads is anyone's guess, but with a wildcard like Tyrone Walker it's sure to be fun to find out.
Unpredictable ~ If there has been one thing has always remained a constant for the man it is his manic swings in style. One minute he can be wrestling a technical style, the next minute a blood and guts brawling style, then back around.

Experience ~ There may be many who have accomplished greater feats than the man, but not many of those have the experiences he does. Further, not many of those have gone up against him and come out the winner.

Revitalized ~ He's the cleanest and healthiest that he's been in years, perhaps even since before he got started in the game almost 15 years ago.

Motivated ~ For the first time in as long as anyone can remember the man is back in action because he wants to be. A stark contrast to a time before he left when he just went through the motions.
Getting Old ~ In normal human years he's 38 years old. In pro wrestler years he's into his 50s. Years of accumulated injuries that go into the double digits have left a long lasting impression on his body.

It's Been a While ~ For the better part of the last five plus years the man has largely remained on the sidelines with very few appearances and even fewer actual in ring performances. Needless to say the rust factor is very much in play.

Team Danger-less? ~ Eric Dane is the boss, Stephen Greer and Tyrone Walker haven't united as a team in several years. While surely he's not alone, the specter of Team Danger is hardly looming as it once was.

Kamikaze Autopilot ~ The man has never been about safety first... or second... or last really. He's the definition of a risk taker and more than once it has cost him over the years... Surely it will be the case sooner or later.


  • If there is one thing I've learned over the years, it's that karma is a big fat bitch with an attitude and she’s got this nasty ass habit of always throwin’ your shit back at you eventually.
  • Damn, I knew shit got a lil wild, but that bitch beat a nigga like a goddamn slave. I might need to come back for some reparations or somethin. Dag!
  • She’s just another killer, but wit’ tits.
  • Hookahs an' Blow!
  • Like niggas an' po'lice, I hated you an' didn't know a goddamn thing about you.



"You’re just a scared little bitch who knows I’ll take that Southern Heritage title away from you!"

- Jay Harvey




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