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Uriel Cortez Biography


Real Name
Uriel Ramirez Cortez  
The Titan of Industry  
Los Angeles, CA  
June 21st, 1988  
7'1 1/2"  
375 lbs.  


Not much is known regarding the early years of Uriel Cortez outside of the fact that he grew up in Oakland, California. Living in a poor suburb, there wasn't much to his youth outside of the fact he was often ostracized for his size. Through high school and college, he was often pursued by coaches in basketball and football but had no interest in either sport. The fact he dropped out of college entirely didn't help, either.

Through most of his twenties, Uriel made the most of his size by working for a number of private security jobs to make ends meet, often keeping the riff-raff away from movie and TV stars, musicians and every so-called famous person that could afford him. Then one day, along came Junior Keeling at a club Uriel was bouncing for, trying to schmooze a rising MMA star to join The Family Keeling Talent Agency. He met Uriel and talked him into joining the group.

The end product of a year and a half of wrestling training funded by The Keelings is what you now see today in DEFIANCE. 
Other Feds
Dabbled in a few small independents here and there before his formal debut in DEFIANCE  
Other Fed Titles
Other Fed Awards
The man known as The Titan of Industry is a giant plucked from relative obscurity by The Family Keeling to become what they describe as the pinnacle of professional wrestling’s highest standards. A true professional in every sense of the world. Everything he does is considered champion calibur (their words exactly) from the way he dresses, speaks, and how he conducts himself in the professional eye. He has spent the last year and a half being set up with various training regimens and programs for this DEFIANCE run.

In reality, Cortez is being used by Thomas and Junior Keeling as a measure of revenge for grudges held against DEFIANCE in their previous runs (both men fired separately during two different previous runs - Junior for bribing a doctor to fake drug test results, Thomas for being a demanding dickhead to everybody). Whether Uriel realizes this is anybody’s guess, but he has been put into a position to succeed and doesn’t appear to have any scruples which is about any client the Keelings have paired themselves with.
Big as shit. See above. It only takes a couple moves for him to turn the tide of and quite possibly even end a match.

Focused. Laser-like. He is NOT going to waste time doing dumb shit like pose for TV cameras and taunt the crowd. Any bad habits like those have been forced out by the rigorous training regimen he has been put through by The Family Keeling. And trust me, they’ve poured a lot of money into this dude. His instructions are to wear an opponent down quickly and go for the kill.

Thomas and Junior Keeling. They have managed many stars to many championships. Not to mention, Thomas has a calm, cool, collected mind for the business while Junior is a shit-eating bastard that can rile up or distract emotional opponents if the need arises.
Relatively untested. While Uriel Cortez is what some in the business consider a natural big man for his experience level, he is still pretty untested in the ring as he hasn’t had too much “big match” exposure.

Stamina/Long matches. He’s a fucking large dude, but stamina is always going to be a black mark for men his size. At the behest of The Family Keeling, he isn’t paid by the hour and his instructions are to always go for the kill when possible.

Predictable. His skillset isn’t too deep and generally has the same gameplan for anybody regardless of opposition. Wise’uns can deduce strategy after a few of his matches.



"I am a member… of the United Toughness Alliance."

- Jack Harmen




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