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Wyatt Bronson Biography


Job Head of Security  
Real Name Wyatt Bronson  
Hometown Dallas, TX  
Birthday 2/26/74  
Height 6'3"  
Weight 291 lbs 


Biography Wyatt never "made it" on the national wrestling scene, but he is a living legend in his home state of Texas. Bronson, nicknamed the "Lonestar Lariat," has faced every big name that’s ever come through Texas, and he’s beaten up a lot of them! His burly demeanor makes his job easier as most people are smart enough to listen to him when he gives them wrestling advice, but he’s not afraid to use his size and reputation when need be. A little known fact about Bronson is that he’s worked on several booking committees over the years with some of the best bookers in the business and as such knows that side of the business as well as he knows his way around a wrestling ring.

When Brian Slater was moved to a referee job, Bronson was promoted to Slater's old spot of Head of Security. Bronson also acts as Acting Baws when Eric Dane isn't around. 
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"... all you have to do is cock an ear and stop running your mouths for a mere moment to hear the faithful stomping their feet, rattling guardrails and gnashing their bloody teeth for more. An arse every eighteen inches, isn’t that the true barometer of success?"

- Bronson Box


1. Mikey Unlikely
2. Crimson Lord
3. Kendrix
4. THE Jay Harvey
5. Dan Ryan



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