Posted by Lance Warner on 16 Jan 2017

Acts of DEFIANCE was a helluva night. We bore witness to the coronation of brand new Onslaught and Southern Heritage Champions, a Bronson Box bloodbath the likes of which we haven't seen in a long time, and a successful FIST defence for current champion Lindsay Troy. A huge night for all involved, and the aftershocks will no doubt be felt for many weeks to come. Uncut 16 is now on the air and DEFtv 77 drops next Tuesday, 24th January, where the fallout will continue.

For now, let's take a look at the night's biggest winners. Who left the building in a strong position than when they walked in, and who gained the most momentum coming out of Acts of DEFIANCE? Find out after the jump...

5. SCOTT DOUGLAS: Sub Pop Scott has had a rough ride since joining the DEFIANCE ranks, but Acts presented the biggest win of his run thus far. As Codename: Reaper disappeared into the ether, Douglas pinned the devious Midorikawa with the Sub Pop Suplex, shooting himself up the rankings in the process.

4. KENDRIX: Few gave our new DOC a chance of survival ahead of his big match with Jason Natas and Mushigihara, but the Hollywood Bruv pulled through. Kendrix spent much of the match actively avoiding conflict, but his cunning paid-off after stealing a pinfall on Mushi for the 1, 2, 3. Thus beings the most unlikely of Onslaught Title reigns.

3. IMPULSE: FINALLY, someone has knocked Mikey Unlikely from his ivory tower. The repugnant SEG leader had cheated and schemed his way through numerous SOHER title defences for the best part of a year, but time caught up with him at Acts. Impulse is our new SOHER king, and the reign of error (not "terror") is over.

2. LINDSAY TROY: A successful night for the FIST. Curtis Penn almost left Acts with the gold, but Kelly Evans caught him cheating, and the match was restarted. Seconds later, Penn had passed-out in LT's Divine Right, and while controversial (to Penn at least), Troy's first conclusive defence legitimises her reign.

1. BRONSON BOX: Boxer has never been one to scrimp on violence, but he took it to a new level at Acts. He pulverised Cayle Murray throughout the last two falls in their 2 out of 3 match, and The Faithful turned on him completely. Box looked borderline euphoric as he basked in the bloody afterglow, and that's bad, bad news for DEFIANCE as a whole.

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