Title: The Morning After (Pill): Point of View
Featuring: H n B
Date: Roughly a day after HNB vanquished the forces of evil...
Location: Vancouver (Dramatic Pause) British Columbia, CANADA

My name is Elizabeth Jeannine Riviera, but ever since I was 8 years old, Sam and Ty have called me Jeanie.  
As in I dream of.
As in Sam has ever since we were 8.
And it's just as well because Sam cannot function without me.  I am literally that man's everything. His agent, his lawyer, his get out of jail card--
Which extends to Ryan and Tyrone now too, apparently.
I'm his chef, his priest, his stylist, his bodyguard, his cheerleader, his harshest critic, his interior decorator, his publicist and sometime lover.
Where I ever find time to be his ex-wife, I'll never know.
I just know that whenever he or Ty, or Ryan need me, in whatever capacity they need me, I'm there. I'm that spark that turns the gears for the HNB.  That bit of magic they can count on to deliver time and time again.  I nod my head and with a blink--it happens.
Hence the name, 'Jeanie'.
"Hookers and Blooooooow!!!!!"
The team name greets me as I walk into the hotel room.  It's chanted in unison by not only the new Defiance World Trios Champions, but the score of scantily clad, school-girl outfit wearing, tramp-stamp having, stripper-slash-groupies who will do anything strange for a piece of change.
I believe the scientific term for them are, 'skanks'.
"Hookers and Bloooow!"  I yell back with a genuine enough smile.
It's celebration time, which means I'm on "designated driver-slash-make sure none of these putas have a reason to execute a lawsuit mode". As I mentioned before: Ty, Ryan, and Sam collectively initialed as HNB have won the Defiance World Trios Championships.  They absolutely annihilated the Philosopher Kings, and found themselves standing side by side with Dusty Griffith--the man many feel should be Defiance World Champion.
Not bad company.
Infinitely more desirable company than the owner of the panties that just flew by my nose.
"Nah, sweetheart.  I had a royal flush, you gotta take off more than that."  Ryan points at the girl.
"But how?"  The confused buxom blonde  asked.  "You only had number cards."
You gotta love when they lob easy ones for Ty to knock out of the park.
"It's a royal flush, 'cause we the kings in this bitch!  See the gold?"  Ty rubbed the gold belt around his waist.  "Now take it off!"
With a shrug of her shoulders, her top comes off at the behest of Blackimus Prime--Ty has called himself that since we were kids.  She shakes her tatas for the two thirds of the new champs. Ty's grin suggests she'll be on the end of his finisher before the night's through.
Great, now they got me doing that.
"Thirsty babe?"  Sam slithers an arm around my lower back, resting his hand on my hip. It’s inches away from what he’s really after.  
"No, I’m good.  Can’t tonight, remember?  I’m on babysitting duty."  I remind him.
He brushed my hair to the side and kissed the base of my neck; the sweet spot at the top of my spine.  The shivers and chills begin immediately.  He’s the only one who’s ever elicited a response from me like this; that I allow to get this close.  Sam’s earned it.  Now that he holds a third of Defiance’s World Trios Titles, his confidence is growing by the moment.
Among other things.
This hiyo thing is infectious, that’s twice tonight.
"So Jeanie...wanna help me celebrate this title win, or what?"  he whispered.
His bottom lip grazed my ear, and I could feel myself melt.  Those hands of his wander around my curves strongly, softly.  His gravitational pull is too strong. The kiss Sam places on my collarbone is his way of letting me know he’s going for the kill, and there’s nothing I can do about it.
He’s right.
I hate it when he's right.
"Cancer, Cancer Jiiiiiiiiles..."  Pinis entered on the balcony with drink in hand.
And just like that, Sam's spell wears off.  As I pull away from him, it's hard not to smirk at the defeated look that washes on his face.  I live to fight another day.
Thanks to Pinis.
Never thought I'd ever say that.
"And here I was thinkin' that Mushigihara would be the biggest douchebag I'd encounter in 24 hours."  Sam says.
"Heidi...Cancer, Von Crank--"
Sam's eyes grew wide, he motioned for Pinis to stop what he was saying.  I look 
up too, following his eyes.
"Is that--is that..."  I manage to stammer.
"Yup."  Sam nods.  "Ty, Ry, come out here.  Y'all gotta see this!"
An annoyed Ty Walker paused from his motorboating.  "....Nigga!"
"Whoa." Ryan looks out the window, simultaneously throwing a girl off his lap Cleveland style.  "Is that....Ty, seriously you gotta see this."
We all managed to cram on the balcony looking up into the Vancouver night air.
"What the..." 
Ty was stunned speechless--a first.  But you really can't blame him, or anyone else for that matter.  This was truly a sight to behold.  Almost like time stood still while it passed overhead.
Neon words flashed as it slowly flew by.
"Congratulations on your Trios title win HNB."  Sam read.  "The last laugh is mines, however.  I did not pay for the broadcast, I pirated the pay-per-view signal. Your paychecks will not see a dime of my money.  Now Sam we are even.  Revenge always,--P.B."
"Wow that P.B. holds a grudge."  Ryan chimed in.
"Man, who haven't you pissed off, cuz?"  Ty shook his head.
Good question.
"Heidi....Cancer, Von Crank, Eric Daaaaaaane."  Pinis announced.
For those of you who don't know, Pinis (FYI--it's pronounced 'Pie-nis' you pervs.) was a third world refugee who knew no English until Sam and Ryan took him in.  The only English he knows are the names of the wrestlers past and present in Defiance.  It's how he communicates.
Think Kim Jong Il in Team America: World Police.
It's amazing how they understand him.  
"Wait, you're saying that you will get laid before any of us do..."  Ryan looked at the females surrounding them.  "...tonight?"
I have to admit, I didn't know how Pinis was going to pull this off, either.  
"Nigga, you talk funny."  Ty wrapped his arms around two girls.  "But a challenge is a challenge, I got 2g's on it."
"Yeah, man I'm in too. 2g's for me."  Ryan laughed while the girl holding his belt on her shoulder handed him his drink.  "Sam?"
Sam snaked an arm around my waist again.  "No doubt.  2g's and um...you better hurry.  'Cause I'm on and poppin' in like 10 minutes."
Pinis raises a glass in the air and nods with a wide grin.  Sam, Ryan, and Ty raise their glasses in the air as well.  Sealing the bet.
"Cheers," they all say in unison.
Me being a woman--and an attractive one, if I do say so myself--there are a lot of things I notice that only women of my...stature can.  Like one, the designer imposter perfume those skanks came in wearing, don't fool anybody.  Two, Pinis' grin is too wide for it to not be mischievious.  It's how I noticed that  Tyrone's, Ryan's and Sam's drink are all a different color than Pinis' drink.
Because where I come from, it's an insult to your hotness if no one attempts to slip an ecstacy/spanish fly mixture in your drink.
Noticing the little things, and making judgement calls are the spice of what I do 
for a living.  As Ryan, Sam and Ty gulp down the laced drink, all I can do is smile and nod my head with a blink.
Hence the name, 'Jeanie'.
Bottoms up, boys; things are fitting to get real interesting.

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"I thought the dude who played Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch was long gone, lost to the ether as another casualty of gimmicky 70s television. But you gave him a part to play in your promo for a World Championship match, and as they say, any publicity is good publicity."

- Dan Ryan




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