Title: The Conclave
Featuring: Blood Diamonds
Date: 2/27/14
Location: The Conclave training facilities, northern Utah

[Northern Utah, Bronson Box’s Conclave Training Facility.]

[The undisclosed location looks more like a prison than a place to learn the finer points of the fight game. Tall fences ring the inner and outer yards and the main building and smaller office space are both bare cinderblock and untreated bare wood. Inside the second fence we see a cluster of figures.]

[Three of the men we recognize, Nicky Corozzo being the first. Nicky is dressed in all black workout gear looking as well put together as he usually does even in trading in his black slacks for a pair of sweats. Beside him dressed in a pair of jeans and an old golf shirt is an older gentlemen we’ve come to know as UK journeyman Spud Collins.

And finally beside him dressed in a little DEF merch (a black and gold Edward White tank-top) and old black sweat pants the man himself, the former DEFIANCE World Heavyweight Champion Bronson Box.]

Bronson Box:
Look at you lot… pathetic. You all really think you have what it takes to make it in this business? Two utter failures and the best out of my first group of would be trainees and that lot was as piss poor as they come. Just what do you three have to say for yourselves?

[The camera spins around and we get a look at the other half of this equation. Firstly is the newcomer, the unproven one. Standing over six feet tall and looking more wall than man Felton Bigsby fits the bill if you’re looking for a perfect physical specimen for this line of work.]

Spud Collins:
Green as grass, that one. All that muscle and a ten cent brain.

Bronson Box:
Muscles don’t make the warrior, Felton. You realize that, correct? You need smarts and lots of ‘em. Can you deliver or are you going to be just like every other muscle bound wanna’ be that thinks they can hack it in the squared circle?

[You can see Felton’s brain just racing at maximum capacity, searching for the right response.]

Felton Bigsby:
If you just give me the time… I mean, the opportunity to...

[Bronson aggressively steps up in the young man’s face.]

Bronson Box:
To what?! The opportunity to what, son? You’re not going to be given SHITE here boy’o! You’re going to earn every single scrap you get if and only if you show me some HEART...

[Nicky smiles as Bronson moves onto the next person in line.]

[Someone he knows very well. This person DEFIANCE fans recognize given she worked alongside Nicky in the early days doing the bidding of a certain Socialite. Jane Lora Katze stands with her eyes locked forward, a slightly annoyed look on her face. She’s dressed very professionally in a charcoal pencil skirt and blazer. Black frame glasses, hair in a bun.]

Bronson Box:
Jane. Jane dear I want you to understand something. YOU were not my first choice for this team… I wanted Mr. Corozzo to fill your spot. You were hoisted on me by my dear friend Edward White because he seems to have a soft spot for you.

[The Original DEFIANT leans in close.]

Bronson Box:
I think you’re the drizzlin’ shits, personally. When Mr. Corozzo brought you here today I honestly didn’t know what to say. You’re some kind of financial genius and act as Ed’s bleedin’ business manager but yer’ trained in all manner of martial arts. I’ve watched ye’ over the years and quite frankly I’m not impressed. Like this big lummox over here ye’ show no heart, no passion, no intensity. Seeing as I own quite a lot to Ed not excluding this facility itself I’ll allow you to exist here for now lass.

A rare do over not many people in your position get. You could go right back to that pale little fall back life in that big glass skyscraper in New York and continue being rich and pampered and forgotten for all I care my dear.

Step it up and don’t you DARE waste this opportunity.

[Box leans in close to Jane’s ear and whispers in THAT voice that’s so uniquely Bronson.]

Bronson Box:
Or I swear to Christ I’ll break you in half you pretty little thing you, is that clear?

[Jane’s look of annoyance has been replaced with one of… determination? Fear? Both?]

[Box steps to the side and sizes up the third and final member of this motley crew. If it weren’t for a certain backstage encounter last show, no one would recognize him.  Even so, your average wrestling fan would probably need to check wikipedia to make sure they had the right guy.]

Bronson Box:
And finally the newest member of the Conclave. How are we this morning Mr. Cassidy, well I hope? Spud’s been treating you with the respect you deserve I do hope?

[The squatty little Englishman’s laugh sounds like he has a throat full of gravel.]

Spud Collins:
We been havin’ tons of fun he and I, Boxer. Tons of fun.

[Jack Cassidy at one point in his career was supposed to be a star, the next big thing. He had the look, the ability but he also had the attitude. And like Bronson has mentioned of his two other counterparts he historically lacked the heart necessary to make it in the wrestling business. He graced the DEFIANCE roster several times, most notably in a tag team with Troy Matthews, before disappearing into obscurity.

This however isn’t the same Jack Cassidy we remember from days gone by. Gone is his  trademark hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts, replaced with grey sweats and plain black wrestling boots. Gone also is his flowing locks, cut short with the top of his head shaved in a perfect circle. Not unlike a monk of the Catholic faith. His goatee is shaggy and unstyled, and he’s now also sporting the beginnings of a full beard.]

[Bronson smiles big as he looks Cassidy up and down.]

Bronson Box:
Splendid. Simply splendid. How are you liking your new look Jacob?  Your new hairstyle?

[Jacob (not Jack) responds far more stoically than we’ve ever seen the once cocky young superstar retort before. We can tell however theres a deep reservoir of anger and frustration right under the surface.]

Jacob Cassidy:
I like it just fine, sir.

[Box’s grins changes to a snarl, and he belts Cassidy across the face with an open hand strike.]

Bronson Box:
No!  Don’t you lie to me, Jacob, don’t you bloody lie.  It looks stupid, doesn’t it?

Jacob Cassidy:
...Yes sir.

Bronson Box:
And you know what else was stupid?  Hanging on to your optimistic little Hawaiian shirt look while your career spiraled down the drain!  You spent YEARS having pride in all the wrong things, boy.  And it’s not specifically that I’m trying to shame you.  You need to lose your pride entirely.  Then you can start rebuilding it, on worthwhile foundations this time.

[Jacob nods.]

Bronson Box:
Now, tell me again why you’re here, boy’o. Tell me why we should waste one ounce of effort of a third chance player like yourself? Why are you allowing yourself to be subject to this indignity? This humiliation?

[Jacob Cassidy looks up matter of factly.]

Jacob Cassidy:
Because I’m tired of watching other people succeed while I fail.  Because I’m tired of being the nice guy and letting the business roll over me.  Wrestling is all I know. It’s all I want.  But I’m sick of it.

I can’t fail at this.

[Boxer gets right in Cassidy’s face.]

Bronson Box:
You WON’T fail at this, sunshine. Do you hear me?

[Box steps back.]

Bronson Box:
None of you lot are going to fail at this.

You three perfect strangers are now a team. You represent this school which is now your new home. You will dedicate yourselves to becoming the single greatest trio of wrestlers in DEFIANCE and in time I fully expect you lot to lay those DEFIANCE trios tag team titles right at mine and Spud’s bloody feet. Is THAT clear? Felton, Jane, Jacob.

Welcome to The Conclave... and welcome to DEFIANCE Wrestling.

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