Title: Samuel T. Thomas II's Aftershock Aftermath
Featuring: Samuel Tiberius Turner the Second
Date: March 29, 2015
Location: The DEFplex

[Wyatt Bronson searches for the “Blue Eyed Devil” Samuel T. Turner II for his press conference but isn’t having any luck. He steps into the men’s locker room.]

Anyone seen Turner, he’s up for the press conference?

[A faint yell from the shower can be heard.]

Check with the doc.

[Wyatt turns and leaves the locker room and heads to the training center to see if he’s able to get Turner to his conference.]

Bronson: [on his walkie talkie]
This is Wyatt, Turner’s in medical, I’ll get back to you. Over.

[Crackling gibberish came over the walkie talkie as Wyatt hoofed it to medical.]

[Meanwhile in medicale.]

Samuel it looks like we’re done here.

[An annoyed Turner sits on the edge of the chair as Iris puts the bandage over his stitches.]

How many stitches?

Only four but make sure to keep them covered.

[She hands him a slip of paper.]

Get this salve and apply it to the wound two times a day.

[Samuel nods.]

Good, there is a low dose pain med for you to take if the stitches bother you.

[Samuel nods again.]

Ok doc, I got it.


Come in.

[Wyatt walks in.]

You’re needed for your press conference.

[Samuel nods.]

Okay, but I need you back here when its over for a CT.

Sure doc.

[Bronson and Turner walk out.]

[Fast forward to the press conference.]

[Turner sits at the desk with a microphone in front of him.]

I need to get back to the doc so I’ll only answer a few questions tonight, if there are any.

[He looks around the room and a hand pops up.]

Yeah go ahead.

[A man stands up.]

Reporter #1:
Tom Smith, Louisiana News. This was one of the wildest matches we’ve ever seen you in. Is this wild brawling new to you?

[He shakes his head.]

I’m not new to brawling but I am a little new to this type of wild ring to concessions back to the ring kinda brawling. Stiff brawling is my niche, it’s what got me hired in DEFIANCE and what got me the few title shots that I’ve had. If putting someone’s back onto the spine of a chair or multiple forearm shots to someone's jaw with something stuffed in it, I’m down. However taking the pickle jar to my head wasn’t fun at all and I hope to never have that done again, but if it does, it does, I’ll deal with it.

Reporter #1:
Thank you.

Yeah. Anyone else, just ask.

[He looks around the room.]

Reporter #2:
Susan Thomas, wrestlingsnotfake.com. After you realized that Henry Keyes had pinned you and you crawled up the ropes and looked at him with daggers in your eyes, is this just the beginning?

[He cracks a smile.]

I won’t be done attempting to kill that son of a b***h until one of us is dead, preferably him. I’ll fight the prick every day of the week and twice on Saturday. Keyes may’ve won that one battle but there is still a war at hand and it won’t end quietly.

[He looks on at the crowd.]

Reporter #3:
Hank Charles, wrestlinguru.com. What’s next for you?

[A smile cracks his gloomy face.]

What’s next for me? Honestly, it’s the same thing I wanted when some douche b***h named Tucker G. Alston won it. I want what David Noble holds. I deserve to have what he holds, whether I face Noble or someone else, I will be DEFIANCE’s Southern Heritage Title.

[He clears his throat.]

I need to get back to medical and continue getting patched up. Thank you.

[He gets up and leaves the room followed by Wyatt.]

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