Title: Pulling the punk card again...
Featuring: Ryan Matthews
Date: 5 May 2015
Location: The Parking Lot outside the Wrestle-Plex

About an hour after the events of DEFIANCE TV #49...

[We show Christie Zane outside the Wrestle-plex, seemingly looking for someone, and before long she spots who she is looking for and makes a beeline.]

[As the camera follows her, we see that she is running in the direction of a figure sitting on the hood of a car in the parking lot of the Wrestle-Plex. And as we get closer, we see that said figure is none other than a black jacket and blue jean clad Ryan Matthews. However, where his hat was turned backward before it is turned forward now, and he sits on the hood seemingly admiring the beauty of the night sky as he takes a drink from a large bottle of SmartWater.]

Ryan! Ryan Matthews! Can I have a minute of your time?!

Ryan Matthews:
If I was trying to leave, that would mean you couldn’t. I’m sure you have no shortage of questions but I’ll answer all of them when you ask the first one...

Everybody watching tonight saw you attack Troy Matthews...the question is...why?

Ryan Matthews:
Let’s get one thing straight to start of Christie, I attacked David Troy Jr. NOT Troy Matthews. See, ever since Dave chose to call me a “name stealing limpdick” I believe it was way back when, he’s had a problem in his life, that being that he pissed me off. I got my chance to get some payback for that, and thanks to some outside interference and my head meeting a singapore cane I never got that payback, until it came time for the Trios title match between Hookers and Blow and The Philosopher Kings. Dave won the battle, I won the war...at that point anyway. I pulled that little prick’s card and lit that bitch on fire and pitched it to the wind in the process. And I’m not the slightest bit sorry for it.

But why attack him? Does this have anything to do with the reports that Kelly Evans basically said you’re blackballed from ever having a spot on the DEFIANCE roster again?

Why? The question is why not? Notice I attacked when I knew eyes would be watching, just like everything else I do, a calculated move designed to bring the attention back where it belongs, on me. And as far as Kelly Evans goes, I’ll eventually get what I want because I know best how to force people’s hands to action. Now Kelly may employ a fleet of attorney’s and come at me with lawsuits for assault among other things, but what I represent is a chance for the company as a whole, not just myself, to make more money. I’m going to make Kelly see the error of her ways in telling me that she doesn’t have a spot in this company for me, and the way she broached that FACT, as she sees it.

Going back to that, you said you’ll get what you want...what exactly is it that you want?

Exactly what I asked Kelly Evans for in a very nice way, a chance to right a wrong or two here in DEFIANCE. And I know the only way to do that is to get people in the ring and beat their skulls in until they stop twitching, or break every bone and tear every ligament in their legs to the point where they’ll spend the rest of their lives screaming from the pain. And again, you should see the method to my madness and why I picked David as the first target...one of the first wrongs that needs righted is the fact that he still has a career in this business while I’ve been sitting home due to injuries.

Anything else you might need to say?

Matter of fact, yes. Kelly Evans, you brought this on yourself and all of DEFIANCE, but most specifically you chose to call down the lightning as it were. I just hope you’re ready for the amount of hell I’m prepared to rain down until I get a spot on the DEFIANCE roster, because I highly doubt you are. The world needs a villain, and it might as well be me. All killer, no filter, Ryan Matthews.

[That said, Ryan Matthews grabs his water bottle and exits offscreen to the left, leaving Christie Zane watching after him as he does.]


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"Oh, and BRA-VOOOO on all of the “Back in the kitchen, little lady’ jokes, Bronson. Turns out it’s not only your wardrobe that’s stuck in the 1920s. Well done on the low-hanging fruit there, you malnourished-looking travelling carny half-wit. For the record, I’ve always wanted to ask, what’s with the stupid wrestle-suspenders anyway? Did you fall into a cave when you were a kid like Bruce Wayne, only instead of a big scary bat inspiring you to fight crime you saw a bearded lady, a strongman, and a clown playing a calliope and you were moved to fight good taste with black and white special effects, ragtime music, and a disturbing and strange desire to roll back women’s rights?"

- Dan Ryan




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