Title: #360 (A Sam Horry Short)
Featuring: Sam Horry
Date: This Afternoon
Location: Queensbridge NYC

Training Grounds—Queensbridge U.S.A.

It’s tough for Sam to ignore the wave of nostalgia washing over him right now.  This is the gym that started it all for him.  Here, he learned the disciplines of Muay Boran and Judo, and perhaps an even more important lesson: ‘hard work equals results’, as the engraving above the office states.  As a favor from the current owner, Sam is renting out the gym for a couple of hours in order to shoot a promo for the next DEFIANCE show. 

 Clad in his red fighting shorts and red rashguard bearing the name of one of his sponsors, “Red Dragon Sports,” the former champion looks up at a picture above the gym’s office and smiles.  It won’t be long before the cameras and hoopla begins.   It’s at this time he’s joined by his erstwhile agent-slash-ex-wife, Jeanie sporting the same nostalgia infused smile.

This is after all, where they first met.

“It doesn’t seem like 20 years ago, does it baby-girl?”  Sam asked her as he looked at a picture he and Jeanie had taken together when they were in their teens.

“You mean 20 years from when 10 year old me, beat you like you owed me money and made you cry, papi?”  Jeanie smiled through her Puerto Rican drawl.  

“I didn’t cry.”  

“Pretty sure Ty was like ‘Stop cryin’, and fight her, Sam’.”  She began as she sat on the ring apron and crossed her legs.  “Then Master Inoue was like, ‘take it easy on him, Elizabeth, he feelings hurt’.”  Jeanie’s dead on impersonation of their late Sensei made them both laugh.

Sam climbed through the ropes and into the ring.

“You never did give me that rematch.” He got into his fighting stance.

“Oh please, Sam.”  Jeanie waived her hand.  “So then I gotta tell Kelly, ‘Sorry Kels, Sam can’t do promos ‘cause his jaw is wired shut.  Oh and by the way Kels, Sam’s now in a body cast for 6 weeks, ‘cause he looked at me wrong’.  Then you’d never show your face again, ‘cause you’re embarrassed.  That’s a breach of contract, Samuel Michael Horry; that’s bad business.”

“Well, Elizabeth Jeanie Cataleya Rivera-Horry, if you’re scared, just say you’re scared.”  Sam stepped back outside the ring, and sat next to her on the apron.  “See, that’s funny ‘cause I know your full name too; all 13 of ‘em.”

She laughed moving over towards Sam, “Kinda fitting; us going back to where we started from, to move forward.  Master Inoue would be proud of you.”

“I know it wasn’t easy, but thanks for stickin’ by me, baby-girl.”  Sam wrapped his arms around her.  “Y’know, with us gettin’ a do-over in DEFIANCE, maybe—maybe, Mrs. Horry… me and you should have a do-over, too.”

“I—I’d like that, Samuelito.  So long as you promise to behave.”  Jeanie smiled wagging her finger.  “Okay then, papi; here we go again.”

“Si, mama.”  Sam nodded.  “Here we go again.”

They shared a kiss as the equipment people began to fill the room.

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