Title: DEFtv #58 Post Match Interview
Featuring: Bronson Box
Date: Right after DEFtv went off the air.
Location: Ringside.

The cameras are off, the feed cut on another edition of DEFtv. The crowd is still buzzing as they start the process of filing out. Bronson Box hops off the turnbuckle, adrenaline still pumping through his body, a main event victory still fresh on his mind. He steps through the ropes onto the apron, standing at his feet at ringside are three people… his sparring partner Reinhardt Hoffman, his business manager Jane Katze and the big eger green eyes of DEFIANCE interviewer Christie Zane, microphone in hand. Bronson drops down to ringside, Reinhardt handing the Wargod a towel Jane beaming from ear to ear. Zane clears her throat and begins…

Christie Zane:
Bronson, congratulations on an impressive victory…

Jane Katze: [butting in]
Three. That would be three victories, Christie.

Christie Zane:
Ummm, right. Three victories.We all know now that your role at ASCENSION will be stepping into the ring with Dan Ryan and Eugene Dewey and potentially Lindsay Troy all vying to end Eugene’s historic…

Bronson Box:
Stop right there, lass. Not one more word about that tubby sot’s blasted title reign. More’n enough has been said about that bloody number tonight, wouldn't you agree? And let's not get ahead of ourselves mentioning dear Lindsay, shall we? As of now it’s a gentlemen's affair, a meeting of three old mates! Three men on whose backs the reputation of the FIST was built, mind you.

Christie Zane:
Leading to my very next question. You and Dan Ryan spent a lion's share of the first leg of the Grindhouse World Tour trading the FIST back and forth in a series of monstrously bloody brawls. And your well publicized history with Eugene Dewey is a part of the very fabric of DEFIANCE...

Reinhardt Hoffman:
All of which is available on DVD for purchase at DEFshop.com, get to you point mein lieber.

The petite little interviewer takes a deep breath.

Christie Zane:
When you finally defeated Ryan at Korakuen Hall it was due to blatant interference from your then associate Edward White…

Bronson and Jane’s smiling faces take a noticeable downturn at the mention of The Socialite.

Christie Zane:
And historically nobody has had your number more consistently than Eugene Dewey. So my question is… what’s changed in the last four years? How exactly are you going to top not one but two of your greatest rivals?

Bronson Box: [stepping towards Christie]
You said it yourself, I beat Dan Ryan… nevermind how, I beat him for the FIST twice... so from where I’m sittin’ I’m a bloody expert in dodgin’ that shaved ape and brutalizin’ him ‘til he can’t see straight. It ‘aint hard to outsmart an animal. An as fer’ Eugene… well, a lot's bloody changed in Mr. Dewey’s life since last we danced, ‘aint it Christie?

Christie Zane:
Well, I suppose if you…

Bronson Box: [stepping right back in]
Ya’ see I meant what I said earlier to his bloody face… that boys SCARED. Whatever spark he had in his guts that propelled him ever forward in the past? He’s cuppin’ his hands so desperately around that dying flame I can smell the fear wafting off him every time we talk. Fightin’ the good fight that boy was a freight train you didn’t want to find yer’self in front of, believe me.

Christie Zane:
So what’s changed, exactly?

Bronson Box: [he pauses]
Eugene has my dear. Eugene’s changed.

The Wargod’s smile returns as he shares a sidebared chuckle with Hoffman.

Christie Zane:
Finishing up, do you have any words for your potential third opponent, Lindsay Troy, going into her own gauntlet challenge next week?

Bronson Box:
Aye. Now, I assure you that snippy little she-devil will find a way to brush off what I did here tonight. She’ll take a shite on Ulfric… a former World champion… she’ll say I was plain’ mind games with Felton… a beast she had a hand in trainin’... she’ll probably take some low rent potshot at the UTA sayin’ Colton Thorpe ‘aint the top shelf athlete he is. I did somethin’ astoundin’ tonight, sunshine. I won. I’m in. Now you’ve got to walk the same yard of hot coals…

He gives it a few beats, builds tension by silently glaring at the camera with his wide bloodshot brown eyes.

Bronson Box:
By the time you were rollin’ here in DEFIANCE I was on my way out for a bit, an since I’ve been back in rare form the last few months you an’ I have been travelin’ different paths. You keep the way you feel right now in mind Troy. Should you make it through next week victorious, keep that warm glowin’ feelin’ that win gives ye’ close to yer’ heart…

Boxer quickly wrenches the microphone from Zane’s hand and steps towards the camera.

Bronson Box:
Because yer’ ultimate prize is going to be ME, Troy… and you ‘aint even MET me yet…

Bronson’s huge baseball sized mit covers the lens of the camera, shoving the poor cameraman ass over teakettle. After the camera clatters to the ground we catch a sideways upward pointing view of Bronson and his crew shouldering past a shocked Christie Zane and heading up the ramp towards the backstage area.

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