Title: A Toast
Featuring: Angel Trinidad
Date: Recorded 12-31-15
Location: DEFIANCE Studios, Hours Before Midnight



It’s just mere hours before the clock strikes midnight as the scene opens up in the DEFIANCE studios. Another year will pass us by and another year will be born anew. Resolutions will be made on January 1st, Resolutions will be broken by no later than January 2nd.  For some, the song remains the same, but for others, they will look to change up the beat. One of those people looking to make big things happen?

Why, none other than DEFIANCE’S favorite double-talking sleazebag, Thomas Keeling Sr.

Greeting the camera with a soft smile, the head of The Family Keeling Talent Agency stands beside the members of Team HOSS. Capital Punishment wearing a Hugo Boss-styled suit stands silently in the background. Next to him, Aleczander The Great rocks a bright blue dress shirt and brown khakis that can barely contain his muscles as he checks his phone, ogling some women he’s gonna be hooking up with as the ball drops. Saving the best for last, Angel Trinidad stands by in a black button-up dress shirt and slacks of his own, an ice-cold glare and a hypothetical “fuck you” sign right on his forehead.

Thomas Keeling Sr:
DEFIANCE… in 2015, you were fortunate. You were ALL fortunate that circumstances beyond our control kept my clients out for the majority of the year. When my imbecilic son took the reins of this group, he took them to sustainable heights. They dominated the Trios division like NO OTHER ever had. They injured countless people. TexMex Holiday. Hookers ‘N’ Blow. Team VIAGRA.  There were many casualties and there might have been many more on their way to the top, had things… well, not gone in their favor.

In the background, Angel seems more bothered by past events than either Cappy or Aleczander The Great.

Thomas Keeling Sr:
But like 2015 will be in just a few hours, that’s ancient history. I didn’t request this time for my clients to dwell on what could have been. I asked for this time because one year from now… when the ball is about to drop and we head into 2017, I want to have my clients look back at where we’ve started and see what we’re capable of in just one year’s time.

The camera goes over to Capital Punishment first.

Capital Punishment:
When you see me in DEFIANCE and not in that ring wrestling any more, it’s because I’m being paid more in one night than most of you mouthbreathers could hope to make in FIVE years. My focus here is to protect Thomas Keeling Sr. from those that would try and do something stupid like fuck with him. However, in my off time, I’ve offered my services to the BRAZEN brand because while I’m not competing on the main stage, I’m there to teach those green pieces of garbage one of the hardest life lessons possible…

Cappy balls up his fist.

Capital Punishment:
– NONE of you deserve to be sharing the spotlight with people like me; people like Aleczander the Great and people like Angel Trinidad. Your generation of wrestlers are WEAK little pushovers that care more about going online, checking how many stars their shitty little match had and reading comic books while REAL workers like myself had to claw, scratch and fight their way for even an ounce of respect! You aren’t a training ground – BRAZEN is my personal HUNTING ground now and the best advice I can give to you about your future is to get the fuck out if you know what’s good for you.

Thomas takes a second to laugh.

Thomas Keeling Sr:
Well put, my friend. The new and improved Team HOSS brand isn’t about just focusing on past accolades… when I took over from previous inept management, I made a pledge to not just thrive in the now.  I’ve been as successful as I am in this business because I never settle. I’m always looking to the future and that future…

He now gestures to Aleczander and Angel Trinidad.

Thomas Keeling Sr:
…is NOW. And at ASCENSION, the reality of that future will begin to take shape. Angel Trinidad versus Frank Dylan James has already been made official, but Aleczander, my boy, do I have a gift for you!

Aleczander raises a curious eyebrow.

Aleczander The Great:
Really? You shouldn’t have! Fat Jolly Guy Day is over, mate!

Thomas Keeling Sr:
Oh, but I did! After the show, Kelly Evans handed me the official news. Aleczander, you have the biggest match of your career when you take on the former World Champion, Dusty Griffith at ASCENSION!

Aleczander’s reaction?

Uproarious laughter!

Aleczander The Great:
HAHAHAHAHA! That overhyped choke artist! Ahahaha! What’s he gonna do, Tommy… NOT win? HAHAHA!

Thomas Keeling Sr:
I know that you’ve wanted this opportunity, Aleczander, and now you have it! Why don’t you say a few words about this match and what it means to you in the coming year, my boy?

Aleczander nods as he turns to the camera.

Aleczander The Great:
All right, all right, I can be serious for just a moment… Dusty, the whole reason that Angel isn’t giving you the time of day, mate, because he’s already proven he’s better than you. And on the last show of 2015, I proved that *I’M* better than you, too! Fact facts, you lousy wanker… your time in DEFIANCE is done! You had the World Title in your grip, but you lost it just as fast. You’ve lost so many “big ones” this year and on DEFtv, you showed that you can even win the little ones anymore! When you and I were in the ring, mate, you and Joe Wolfe were my bitches! You took your eye off the ball and it cost ya… and at ASCENSION, when I face you one-on-one, it’s gonna happen again!

Aleczander clutches his right bicep tightly and grins.

Aleczander The Great:
In the last few weeks, mate, I’ve been calling these arms Dusty and Griffith… they’ve been CHOKING left and right! I’ve been tapping people out with my brand new submission maneuver and when I finally get my chance to shine, Dusty, you’ll be no different. I’m not just going to beat you, you gormless ponce, I’m going to make sure that EVERYBODY sees that I’m better than you in every single way! I’ll lock these arms around your neck and I’ll keep squeezing and squeezing and squeezing until you stop moving! You’ll be begging for me to stop and when you can’t take another loss, you’ll be so embarrassed that your dumb arse won’t set foot in MY ring ever again! 

As Aleczander smiles with the thought of submitting Dusty Griffith at ASCENSION, the camera moves over to a very tense Angel Trinidad.

Angel Trinidad:
I only set two goals for the year 2016… Frank Dylan James is leaving ASCENSION on a fucking stretcher. And by the end of this year, I will have the FIST of DEFIANCE. 

Keeling reaches up and pats Angel on the chest.

Thomas Keeling Sr:
Right to the point, Angel, I like it! What you’ll witness first-hand at ASCENSION, is the absolute DESTRUCTION of Frank Dylan James! The name of this show could not be any more apropos because you will get to see the RISE of the biggest star that DEFIANCE has ever seen! You will bear witness to Angel Trinidad… The Biggest AND The Best in DEFIANCE Today!  And in a year’s time, you will see Angel rule DEFIANCE when he brings The FIST of DEFIANCE to next year’s soiree. Now then…

Thomas waves a finger and a lovely young blonde in a red dress brings in a silver tray, complete with four filled glasses of some pretty expensive champagne that I’m not going to bother pronouncing… it’s the expensive shit, just take my word for it. The four men each take a glass and Thomas starts to raise his.

Thomas Keeling Sr:
To 2016… the year that DEFIANCE won’t know what hit them! 

All four men clink their glasses together and share a hearty cheer for the coming of the New Year as the scene fades out.


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- Scott Stevens




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