Title: Decision
Featuring: Impulse
Date: 2/28/2016
Location: Washington Heights, NY

We stepped off the subway and climbed the stairs to street level: the cold air whipped us in the face like it was angry that we had a vacation. Don't get me wrong - New Orleans was a little humid for my taste, but there wasn't any snow on the ground. 

It was different.

"One second, I'm buzzing," said Cally. 

Let me guess, I said. Dez?

She pulled her hand out of her glove by the teeth and reached into her bag to look at her phone, and smiled. 

"Dez," she confirmed.

How does she know, I asked, laughing. 

We landed about an hour and a half ago after our trip to New Orleans and DEFIANCE Wrestling's DEFtv 61 at Dan Ryan's invitation. It was supposed to be a long weekend, but after the show Cally and I decided to take a few days off and see the sights. 

New York City is my home. More to the point, our apartment is less than a block away from the Dyckman stop on the 1 train, but New Orleans is a ridiculously diverse city with tons of energy. If I didn't live here, I'd want to live there.

Anyways, any time Cally and I go away for a few days, without exception, our friend Desiree will text Cally within twenty minutes of our getting home on either end to tell us about some awesome thing happening downtown that we should go to. 

Most of the time we go.

"JENNCiTY is playing at Trash in... ten minutes ago," continued Cally, "and she wants us to come."

Not tonight, I said. Tell her we'll see her at Cups tomorrow?

She nodded. 

We walked the block or so to the front of our building in silence; well, we aren't talking but Cally is texting Dez that we just got home and haven't actually been home yet. 

Up the stairs: third floor walkup. We could afford to live somewhere nicer, but why? This place is close to both our families, close to TC's, and twenty minutes from the heart of the city. I haven't worked in almost two years after the Empire shut down operations, but because I'm a two - time former World Champion, and we live within our means I haven't had to. 

Lights on, cats located, bags dropped in the bedroom to be dealt with tomorrow. 

So I've been thinking, I said.

Cally listened. She was busily scanning our takeout menus for something to eat since neither of us actually cook well, even when we aren't somewhat jetlagged. "What about?"

About what Griffith and Ryan said, I continued, sitting down at the kitchen table. About getting back into it.

She looked up at me. "Then go for it."

Oh, okay.

That was quick, I said. 

"I've been waiting for that for two years," said Cally. "This is what you need to be happy."

And that was that.

Well, that wasn't completely that. I need to set up a meeting with Kelly Evans, and hope she doesn't hold a grudge from the New Frontier. Then again, putting those years behind us is an act that we can all agree on.

So... we're doing this, aren't we? 

We are.

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- Scott Stevens




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