Title: Mikey says goodbye....
Featuring: Mikey Unlikely
Date: 3/22/2016
Location: Errrrrwhere.

Mikey Unlikely said his goodbye to Lil Money, the pint-sized actor who played his arch rival in a short scene to a tee in the new Back to the Future remake.

Mikey U. sent his thoughts and prayers to Money’s friends and family, writing on twitter, "RIP Lil' Money$ #Restinpeace #BackToTheFuture #MissYourLilness # RidingMiniPonysInHeaven."

Money was found dead at his Las Vegas home Sunday by his agent, who also had a cameo in the film. We're told it looks like his death was drug-related although police would neither confirm nor deny these allegations.

“Money had only a small role in the film, but he had a large role in our hearts!” Said Mikey when asked for comment by local news affiliate WLFB

In Back To The Future “Mikey McFly” meets Lil Money or “Biff Tannen Jr” when his time machine malfunctions and not only sends him to another time, but alters everyone into a “little person”.

More on this story as the details are released.

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"Ore no ringu ni zokushite inai. Ima shinu! (trans. -- You don't belong in my ring. Now die!)"

- Mushigihara


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