Title: From The Rubble
Featuring: Bronson Box
Date: After DEF Road
Location: Trainers Suit Backstage, The DEFplex

The almost motherly sound of DEFIANCE head trainer Iris Davine’s voice is the first thing we hear, the audio cutting in a few moments before the actual security feed does. It’s mere minutes after the conclusion of the DEFIANCE Road PPV. The trainers area has a few familiar faces mucking about icing this or that, tending to all manner of wounds, breaks and bruises.

Iris Davine:
Bronson, you HAVE to stop talking… [heavy sigh] I can’t believe we’re stitching up your poor face again. Honestly, can you go one match without carving yourself up like a turkey?

The salt and pepper-haired little doctor stops her careful stitching of The Wargod’s forehead for a moment to scold him. Bronson Box hasn’t stopped fidgeting and prattling on since he was hefted into the medical area assisted by DEFIANCE producer Mike Sloan and referees Benny Doyle and Mark Shields. The oddly respectful, almost motherly relationship that’s been fostered between Doc Iris and The Original DEFIANT since Boxer’s eye injury at ASCENSION has afforded her a little verbal leeway when dealing with the oft-temperamental Scot. Boxer actually manages to crack an exhausted little chuckle.

Bronson Box:
Yes. Well… won’t be the last time, will it? Just get me stitched up tight lass. I’m only gettin’ started. Got a lot of appointments te’... keep.

He sees him out of the corner of his eye, where he’s sitting he can see right out the door and down the hallway leading back towards gorilla and the arena itself. Big wild red hair still caked with blood, his shirt ripped and askew, fighting wildly against the heard of DEFsec drones leading him right towards us. The former FIST of DEFIANCE is obviously not pleased with his unsuccessful bid for what he obviously still views as HIS property.

Eugene Dewey:

 As Eugene shoulders past his escorts and steps into the trainers room he immediately focuses in on Bronson. We’re reminded of the YEARS of history between these two men, countless brutal bloody wars fought all over the world, the mind games from The Wargod that made Eugene turncoat and betray the Faithful in one of the most shocking turns in DEFIANCE history. Both unsuccessful tonight. Both dealing with decisive losses after brutal warfare.

Eugene Dewey: [scowling, clenched teeth]
The DEFIANCE security team was only a few steps behind Dewey and manage to step between Eugene and his intended target. This does about as much as you’d imagine. Eugene Dewey recklessly shoulders through them at full speed. The deceptively quick heavyweight careens so quickly through the DEFsec drones that bodies go flying in every which direction. The the midst of the limb filled fracas Doctor Iris Davine gets barreled into HARD by a low flying DEFsec goon and hits the floor with a look of pain on her face. For a moment a look of concern flashes across The Dark Lord’s face… that is until he notices the blind red rage now building behind the eyes of the Bombastic Bronson Box. He slowly stands… his bloodshot brown eyes are locked on Eugene. The two start circling one another, pushing over exam tables and kicking bodies out of the way.

Iris Davine: [clutching her hip]
Box, please, I’ll be fine! Both of you calm down, there’s no need for this! Please don…

Doc Iris’ words are lost in the din as the two “Original DEFIANTS” clash together in a vicious brawl. Repeated overhead shots from both men are halted when Box grabs two huge fistfulls of orange hair and HUCKS Eugene across the room, careening through a tipped over exam table and several meticulously organized shelves filled with medical equipment. All of which goes flying when Dewey’s wide back slams into them at full speed.

Bronson Box:

Boxer stomps across the room and grabs another fistfull of Eugene’s hair, violently jerking Dewey’s head back and snarling inches from his stunned mug.

Bronson Box:  
You blamin’ ME fer the fact you FAILED, utterly and completely, at the glorious path I set you on you marshmallow titted PRAT?! I tried te’ show you how to tap into somethin’ REAL, I tried te’...

Having heard just about enough Eugene reaches up and RAKES his fingernails down and across Bronson’s face, a bloodcurdling howl escaping Bronson’s lips cutting off his diatribe. As the Wargod staggers backward Eugene gets to his feet and once again runs full speed across the trainers room. As he makes contact with Bronson’s midsection, Dewey lifts and continues on towards the far wall of the room.


Bronson hits the plaster wall back first at full running speed. The two men’s combined five hundred plus pounds goes crashing through the wall and the two DEF originals find themselves out in the hallway… a HUGE ragged hole now present in the wall of the Wrestle-Plex. We see down the hallway, through the settling dust a huge swarm of DEFIANCE personal lead by security chief Wyatt Bronson and The Wargod’s business manager Jane Katze. Producer Mike Sloan, not oft seen lead talent scout Evan Hurley, several referees including head ref Buffalo Brian Slater, even newcomer Van Carver and a few other DEF superstars that found themselves within eye or earshot of the commotion all rush in to separate the two enraged grapplers still trying to bloodily pummel one another to death amidst what was once one of the four walls that made up the DEFIANCE trainers suite.

Eugene Dewey:

Hurley and Carver each loop one of The Wargod’s arms as Sloan and the referee’s try and pull Eugene off and away from his target. Wyatt gets into Eugene’s face trying to calm the man down, to no great effect. Jane tries to do the very same, finding a little more success managing to calm her client. Wyatt, Sloan, the referees and DEFsec goons that have finally managed to find their feet from earlier are all having a quite a time holding Eugene back.

Bronson Box: [snarling]
I ‘aint ruined NOTHIN’... you’re your own ruin, BOY. All’s you are is a failed attempt at makin’ somethin’ truly great outta’... well, YOU. But you gone and truly fookin’ done it now, lad… [leaning into the hands holding him back] what you done in there?! [shaking his head, almost laughing] you remember how we used to say to one another that this between you and me ‘aint gunna’ end ‘til one of us is right and truly DEAD?!

Eugene Dewey:

The Dark Lord’s eyes are absolutly clouded with rage, Eugene has left the building.

Bronson Box:
Fook me, eh? Fook ME?... naw, fook YOU Eugene! Let's bloody do this once and for final, to the last FOOKIN’ MAN! It’s been bloody years in the makin’, this, you fat titted waste of God given FOOKIN’ potential! [spits a wad of phlegm down at Eugene’s feet] I’m ready to give up every-fookin’-thing for this company, Eugene… are you? Lets you and me stoke the old furnaces one more time, what say?! I aim to show ‘em all “Original DEFIANT” is a title I fookin’ EARNED, boy... by puttin’ you to bed PERMANENTLY. 

Eugene Dewey:
BRING IT YOU GODDAMN… Get off me! Get you goddamn hands… GET OFF ME!

There’s no official answer to Bronson’s challenge. Only screams and bellows of anger as the former FIST is hauled away kicking and clawing the entire way. Echos of Eugene Dewey’s cries of “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU RUINED EVERYTHING” are no doubt audible throughout the entire building. Bronson is ushered away a little more subdued, his anger though no less palpable as he stands with his feet planted firm despite the efforts of those around him… watching as Eugene disappears around a corner and he finally loses sight of him. Then and only then does Bronson relent and allow himself to be lead away from the rubble.

The security feed is cut.

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