Title: The Itch, Part V (The Incident)
Featuring: Scott Douglas
Date: 2012
Location: Seattle, Washington

July 26, 2012 - Four Days After The Incident
Virginia Mason's Neurology Wing
4:15 PM

"How is she?" Scott's father asked his sleep depraved son.

Scott searches for the words, whether it be a positive spin on the truth or perhaps; just a less impactful version.

He settles on simply vomiting out the last thing he heard from someone in either a white coat or scrubs; at this point they all looked alike and had blended together.

"The CAT scan shows a intrusive amount of swelling which is manifesting itself for the time being in immobility and a lack of responsiveness."

Nate Douglas, raises his hand to his face and rubs his brow as if he is attempting to wipe away the terrible news.

"So, it's a coma?"

Scott doesn't respond. Instead he leans back in the chair he hasn't moved from in nearly thirty six hours.

"Scott, it's a coma, isn't it!?" Nate questions; demanding an answer.

Scott tips his head, peering his weary eyes toward his father, "It's a vegetative state, Pop. That's all I know. She'll twitch and even open her eyes." Scott starts to break down, "But she lacks all awareness. She can't move on her own or speak or ... "

Scott's head drops in his hands and his father approaches him to comfort his son.

July 22, 2012 - Directly After The Incident
Backstage - Key Arena
11:45 PM

"You did this! This is your fault!" Derrick Allen screams at his former friend. A plethora of security barley holds a frantic Allen from lunging at Scott Douglas.

"I did." Scott mutters as he follows the stretcher to the ambulance parked just inside the large bay door. "I did this."

"You son of a bitch!" Derrick asserts from his prone yet jostling position.

Scott continues to mutter to himself in the state of shock as the paramedics load an unresponsive Courtney into the ambulance.

"I did it." he continues. "I did this ..."

Scott snaps mid-utterance and sprints toward Allen and the army holding him back. The surprise factor allows him slight passage through the first row of the blockade. Derrick and Douglas meet with little more than a few arms between them. They each throw wild fists and land very few.

Within moments security is able to work their way back between the two and secure the area of it’s violence; but not of the pandemonium.

"You did this! Everything was fine until you showed up and fucked everything up! Just like you always do!" Scott screams at Allen, as he viscously attempts to get closer and lay a hand on his pseudo brother in law. "All you had to do was stay away! You! You drove US to this!"

August 1, 2012 - Ten Days After The Incident
Virginia Mason's Neurology Wing
10:12 AM

"Scott?" Dr. Justin Stahl spoke softly as he nudged a sleeping Scott Douglas. "Hey, Scott."

Scott hadn't moved much more than an inch or two for the past ten days and nights. He sat solemnly next to Courtney's bed in a well aged chair provided with the room. He ate very little and slept even less; both taking place in this throne of shame, regret and fear.

He refused to leave the room or even stand for more than a few minutes at a time; less ordered out by doctors or antagonized by others.

"Scott, hey ... How you doing?" Dr. Stahl questioned.

Scott slid himself up to the proper position based on the chairs design and rubbed his eyes. With a few blinks and an obligatory scratch of his thickening beard; Scott responded.

"How is she doing? Any news?" he asked.

Dr. Stahl exhaled deeply and bit his bottom lip; hesitating to tell his former patient what they both already knew to be unchanging in the current patient. "Scott, nothing has changed since yesterday and nothing is likely to change any time soon. I'm going to suggest she be transferred to a long term care facility in the morning."

July 22, 2012 - A Few Hours After The Incident
Virginia Mason's Neurology Wing
3:16 AM

"Security!" an Emergency Room nurse calls out as Scott Douglas and Derrick Allen clash amongst the waiting room arm chairs and bacteria covered periodicals. "Stop it!" She adds directing her shrieks toward the dueling duo.

Derrick and Scott throw wild fists at one another each blaming the other for the outcome of the night. A group of unequipped orderlies, nurses and a lone doctor attempt to break up the skirmish.

The pair continue their attempts until a police officer arrives and attempts to assert his authority. His presence is soon followed by additional officers. Scott lets up and backs off on his own accord and is quickly ushered to a seat across the waiting room. Derrick is hoisted from the floor by two officers; resisting all the while.

"This one," a paramedic pointing at Derrick, "was causing all kind of hell at the scene. I think this one is her boyfriend."

Derrick being held back by police, screams, "That's my sister, you got in there!"

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