Title: Listen, Buddy...
Featuring: Jay Harvey
Date: Tuesday.
Location: DEFIANCE Arena



Darkness has descended, kicking on LED site lighting outside the DEFIANCE Arena. The roar of a loud car engine gains speed getting closer and closer to the filming camera. A vehicle makes a left and the headlights barrel down on us. The engine continues to increase in volume before the tires screech, as the vehicle stops on a dime. A blue Ford emblem is center of the frame as a valet agent comes rushing into the scene. He opens the passenger door letting out the lovely Catalina. She is dressed in leather, her jacket and pants. The driver’s door opens as “The Natural One” THE Jay Harvey steps out onto the pavement.

Harvey is decked out in a fine designer suit and an unsightly bandage covering the stitches from the War Games match. He adjusts his jacket as the valet agent comes over to his side of the car... and now, THE Jay Harvey.

THE Jay Harvey:
Listen, buddy… This is a brand new Ford GT. This car cost a half a million dollars. This car can go from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye.

Harvey hands the keys over to the valet.

THE Jay Harvey:
The guy I got it from was a real sucker. Heard he's getting sued... This car also has less than one hundred miles on it, so no joy rides. You better not even think about farting in my brand new Ford GT. 

Harvey gets real close to the valet agent.

THE Jay Harvey:
Park it away from the other cars, don’t do anything stupid…

Harvey slips the valet a hundred dollar bill.

THE Jay Harvey:
Or it’ll be the last thing you ever do. Do you know who I am? I'm a third generation in the wrestling business. I've held titles in more countries than you can name. I'm THE Jay Harvey. DON'T disappoint me. 

Harvey and Catalina make their exit and go towards the back entrance to the arena. The valet agent gets into the car and pulls away. He revs the engine and speeds off into the distance. The scene quickly fades to black.


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"’ll give you that win. It’ll be the last one you ever have."

- Jack Harmen




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