Title: The Last of Us (22) - CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE
Featuring: Tyler Fuse
Date: Before debut
Location: DEFIANCE System

The Last of Us (22)

The drive was long. There were some stops along the way, but it had been hours and hours of driving.

“Are we there yet?” Conor asked his brother for what was surprisingly the first time.

“About halfway. We’ll pull over and get some rest soon, okay?”

Conor nodded in peaceful agreement while Tyler took one hand off the wheel and rubbed his temples. He had run through the meeting with The Developer many times by now. He would do the talking, Conor would stay in the background. He knew what to say and how to articulate himself appropriately. Most importantly, however, he knew him and his brother could help.

They were no strangers to the wrestling world. They got their big break in the fWo a number of years ago. But after its doors closed, they took time off and went through various career paths, while still keeping in good shape and training for the right moment towards a return.

This was their moment.

DEFIANCE Wrestling was thriving. It was the place to be. It was the hottest game in the world. It had the best characters. It had the best gamers. It had the best graphics, too.

Enter The UTA Fireflies.

The Mormons came and spread their infection. They infected Jack Harmen. They infected Dan Ryan, JFK and David Hightower, though some would say a few of these men were already infected prior to the invasion. After all, David Hightower and Jack Harmen were a part of both games at the same time.

“Stupid crossover systems.” Tyler muttered to himself. He noticed a street sign saying there was a hotel 5 miles down. He glanced at his brother, who was already passed out.

Tyler went back to daydreaming. He recalled when Dan Ryan turned on DEFIANCE. He recalled when The Hollywood Bruvs took advantage of the former Tag Team Champions and took the Achievements off them. He even recalled just a few days ago, watching The Developer get beat down by the UTA Fireflies and embarrassed in front of his own gamers.

The hotel exit was just ahead. It was time to recharge now. Tomorrow Tyler and his brother would continue their journey and arrive at DEFIANCE. They would join the battle and become a part of the ultimate war.


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