Title: The Last of Us (23) - CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE
Featuring: Tyler Fuse
Date: Before debut
Location: DEFIANCE System

The Last of Us (23)

They had done it.

They signed their contracts (or registered online, whatever you want to call it) and they were ready to play. In just a few short weeks, DEFIANCE Wrestling would come to know The Fuse Bros.

Exiting the arena, Tyler walked over to their car first. He waived Conor along, whom was still apprehensive about being in the dark and desolate area. They both got into the car.

“So, that was successful right?” Conor asked, almost rhetorically.

“Yes. I would say so.” Was all Tyler said in reply.

“What should we, you know, bring with us when we start?” Conor started to roll through all the options in his head. “Extra controller?”

“Too soon.”

“Memory cards?”

“Not yet. Only once we accumulate data.”

“Okay, okay.” Conor said while thinking deeply. “Cheat codes?”

“I’m afraid UTA has all of those. I think that’s how they infected Dan Ryan and Jack Harmen.”

Once again, Conor took in the comments and realized they made sense. Tyler started the car and they rolled out of the parking lot.

Conor made one last glance at the Wrestle Plex before letting go of the chills down his spine.

“I hope we can help stop the UTA Fireflies.” He said, before leaning his passenger seat back and closing his eyes. “I really hope we can.”

“Me too, brother.” Tyler looked over and realized his brother was passing out. Then he glanced up and watched the Wrestle Plex disappear in his rear view window. “Me too.”

Off they went…


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- Lord Nigel Trickelbush


1. Cayle Murray
2. Scott Douglas
3. Oscar Burns
4. Elise Ares
5. Gage Blackwood



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