Title: Not Breaking Another Promise
Featuring: Team HOSS
Date: 2/12/18
Location: Backstage, After Acts Of DEFIANCE


Somewhere, the camera finds itself in a deep, dark, and quite possibly dank corner of the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex. And in this somewhere are two somebodys.

Those “somebodys” being Angel Trinidad and Aleczander The Great.

It’s not long after the conclusion of Acts of DEFIANCE and to quote a man, “Yo, Dre. They got something to say.”

Aleczander The Great:
What a night, eh, mate?

He elbows Angel Trinidad on the shoulder and a slow grin forms across his partner’s face.

Angel Trinidad:
What a night, indeed, Alec. The UTA put our backs against the wall at Maximum DEFIANCE. They won the majority of the matches, won War Games, fucked over Eric Dane, schooled some of our best and they looked like they reigned supreme, right? How the hell do we come back from all of that?

That grin goes away.

Angel Trinidad:
Well, you go back and watch what happened tonight. THAT is how DEFIANCE comes back from the brink.

Aleczander runs a hand through his beard.

Aleczander The Great:
Now, we didn’t shut them out… they won some, but we won the most tonight, mate. Our mate, Burnsie, took your WrestleUTA World Title from Crimson Wanker Lord. Harmen got his arse handed to him by Cayle Murray. Scott Douglas is the UNDISPUTED So-Hurrr… SoHer? Mate, that how you say it?

Angel shrugs.

Aleczander The Great:
All HUGE victories, mate. You UTA wanks tried sending No Justice, No Peace after us when you found out we came back, sniffing ‘round for them DEFIANCE World Tag Team Titles. Mikey Unlikely figured they’d take out Capital Punishment and that Team HOSS would go away forever. Right?

Trinidad inches the camera closer to his face – enough that some of his breath fogs the corner of the lens.  

Angel Trinidad:
Dead. Fucking. Wrong.

Aleczander grabs Angel’s arm and laughs.

Aleczander The Great:
Right! Thanks to The Fuse Bros, we sent those wankers arse over tit, now they won’t be botherin’ us for a while if they wanna keep on wrestling!

Trinidad takes over now.

Angel Trinidad:
I will send a personal thank you to Tyler and Conor for evening the odds against those UTA shit-sippers. You’re crazy little bastards, but damn if you aren’t brave. But now that we put No Justice No Peace out of their misery, Team HOSS has their eyes on the prize; more appropriately, the only prize that as of now, the UTA has and the prize that WE still want.

Aleczander The Great:
Tag Team gold, mate!

Angel Trinidad:
Now when we came back, we promised our biggest fan Angus Skaaland that we were coming here to merc the Bruvs and take those titles… sadly, because of Skittle-themed Reapers and No Justice, No Peace getting in everybody’s way, that didn’t happen. But after tonight, there’s new champs in Scott Stevens and Kendrix.

Aleczander The Great:
Arseholes, mate. Obvs. Totes balls or whatever they say.

Angel points a finger at the camera.

Angel Trinidad:
But now, the Reapers are MIA and No Justice, No Peace are out of our way. Now, Team HOSS only have one goal. We’re not going to whine. We’re not going to kick down management’s door. We’re not going to even scratch and claw to get an opportunity at those titles; that shit’s for little men. Team HOSS are big, fire-breathing, ANGRY fucking guys who are going to STOMP and BREAK whoever gets in front of them if it means getting a title shot and bringing the last piece of gold home to DEFIANCE. You get that?

Aleczander The Great:
Aye, mate.

Angel Trinidad:
I know DEFIANCE is trying to sort things out tonight and we’ll let things breathe. But trust us, boys… sooner or later, we’re taking our shot. And we aren’t about to break a second promise to Angus. Alec, tell them why.

Aleczander pops the bones in his neck, cracks his knuckles and smiles, almost warming himself up before dropping their catchy (albeit, bad) catchphrase.

Aleczander The Great:

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd we’re out.

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"Don't worry, young HOSShole. I don't expect you to give up the belts that easy. The challenge is half the fun of getting the reward."

- Lindsay Troy




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