Title: Best Hand in The House
Featuring: The Lucky Sevens
Date: Friday May 8th
Location: Backstage Exclusive Interview

Standing behind the backdrop for interviews in DEFIANCE Wrestling, one half of the Lucky Sevens Mason Luck is still trying to catch his breath following two separate attacks from Team HOSS over the course of DEF TV. He is nursing an ice pack on his temple and his teeth are clenched in anger.

Mason Luck:


Mason is right to the point.

Mason Luck:
You attacked Max and I because Max came close to beating Aleczander and he was about to turn his blue trunks brown. He freaked out and that's why he hit the low blow to stop him. Team HOSS?

Mason visually spits on the ground.

Mason Luck:
That's what I think of you two. You guys were looked at in DEFIANCE Wrestling as tag team royalty but all we've seen are a couple of bitter little cowards in the bodies of bigger men. You're cheap shot artists at best. 

The "older" of the two Lucky Sevens decides to laugh a little.

Mason Luck:
You know when we got here this would have been a dream match for Max and me, but you're threatened by us and you've turned this personal. We're not a pair of shiny new toys that DEFIANCE Wrestling are sending out to replace anybody. My brother and I are here to put in the work and build on the twenty year legacy our grandfather "Wild" Winston Luck created … But you two see a pair of seven foot guys and think we're here to take your spot. Max and I don't want your spots …

That is when Mason grins.

Mason Luck:
What we want is you, Angel. What I want is you in match one on one on Uncut. Max got to have his fun before you two went and ruined it so if you have a set, bring your best hand, I'll bring mine, and we'll see who runs this house. I'll be there Angel and I'll be a betting man and say you'll do the same.

The seven foot man from Las Vegas storms off of the set.

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"You’re just a scared little bitch who knows I’ll take that Southern Heritage title away from you!"

- Jay Harvey




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