Title: Heated
Featuring: Angel Trinidad
Date: Recorded 5/8/20
Location: UNCUT Interview Set


UNCUT Interview Set. 

One angry New Yorker. 


One GIANT angry New Yorker by the name of Angel Trinidad. 

Angel Trinidad:
Well, look the fuck at you, Mason Luck. Getting all heated and because Team HOSS beat your ass on DEFtv not once, but twice. I'll be the first to admit maybe Alec and I looked past you and Maxie Pad a little bit. We left him laying with our finisher, then kicked your ass, then you tried to play knight in shining armor for your bro and Lindsay Troy. You got back up and tried to fight us again. And where'd that get you?

Angel shrugs. 

Angel Trinidad:
Well, I think I covered that, didn't I? 

Now a scoff. 

Angel Trinidad:
So now you want to fight for the honor of you, your dipshit twin brother and your dipshit granddaddy as the latest in a long line of giant dipshits that came before you. You want a match with me on UNCUT and you think that I'm going to grant it? You say that I'm a betting man, drop some dumbass gambling cliches and say that I'll accept because I want to fight you?

Another scoff. 

Angel Trinidad:
Well, that's the only part where you're right. I DO accept your challenge for UNCUT. Now don't get this twisted, Mason. This isn't because Team HOSS feels the need to prove ourselves. We did that when we kicked the shit out of Max and then kicked the shit out of you twice on the same night because you can't stop sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. And well before that... well, we've run down our resumes already. There's a whole archive you can sift through on DEFonDEMAND if you're bored and look at the impressive body count we've amassed in our past run. 

The Beast From The Bronx lets out a breath. 

Angel Trinidad:
You say we're bitter? Of course we are. The old management dicked us around so much, we didn't know which way was up. That's why when you and your brother got trotted out at DEFCON as DEFIANCE's new giants sent to replace us, that was the last fucking straw. And when you mentioned our names and tried to put yourselves in the same stratosphere as Team HOSS? You're fucking right I'm bitter. But I'm not just going to bitch. I'm going to do something about it. 

Now for the first time, the camera only gets a small half-smirk. 

Angel Trinidad:
You fucked up and you fucked up bad, Mason by challenging me. I don't have any dumb gambling jokes to crack. I'll just tell you straight up that I'm going to beat the living fuck out of you on UNCUT and there ain't shit you can do about it. You've got two inches on me in height, but that doesn't overcome TEN YEARS experience in this business kicking the shit out of tougher people than you... not to mention the things I can do other people haven't seen yet!

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- Malak Garland




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