Featuring: Scrow
Date: 9/19/2020
Location: City

Saturday, September 19, 2020, 1:00 am

A storm rages on as the beads of rain collide with the cold damp street. The sky lights up for mere seconds quickly followed by the sounds of rumbling. Cars drive by in the darkness their wipers moving back and forth shattering the droplets of rain from the windshield. Walking on the sidewalk is a man with jeans and a dri-fit black long sleeve, a jean jacket with the sleeves ripped off. The hoodie the jacket is over covers his head.

His hands are in his jacket’s pockets. The puddles of water explode upon impact with the steps he is taking. With each flash from the storm, you can see parts of the man’s face. It’s clear its really hard to see just who it is exactly. The man stops in front of an alley, He turns his head toward the alley. After a few seconds, he turns and heads down the dark damp alleyway. The further he walks into the alleyway we can see a woman standing with a cloak over her head standing in front of him. As he comes a few feet from this woman. He removes his hood, it is Scrow.

The woman does not reveal herself, her chin rests across her collar bone. Scrow stares into the pit of darkness where her face is.

My dear you were right. Once Scrow chose everything fell in place.

Indeed we would not allow Scrow to be lead astray.

He appreciates Hive’s wisdom.

Now that you have made your presence felt. You can now show the world what you truly are capable of.

They have already felt it, and when Black Panda meets him in the ring at DEFTV 142. Scrow will continue to make the statement that he is not someone that can be looked over.

We have trained you well, my sweet. Soon you will possess that which you crave.

Championship gold….but…

Yes, we know Dex Joy and Gage Blackwood are on a collision course. We have foreseen this. His fate has already been predetermined.

Scrow quickly makes a fist the water flies from his fist. Scrows’ hair now drenched in water.

Scrow will become champion before him...he swears it!

Hive puts her hand on his shoulder. Now visible she has a long black glove, with yellow stripes.

Remember my pupil, we have plans for Dex Joy. Do not let his success cloud you from your real objective.

Very well, He must say it truly has felt liberating to be freed of these piety chains that he was trying to keep.

Now..now The Faithful have their uses.

She pulls her hand from Scrow’s shoulder and returns it to her cloak out of sight.

What uses could they possibly have but to cheer people like Dex Joy!

Hive snickers.

It is through them that you truly can see emotions.

Scrow runs his hand under his hair and flips it to the back of his head.

Who needs emotions!

We do, it is with these emotions you can use to manipulate them. You let them relish in your preys popularity but its YOU who can take those emotions and flip them. You Scrow can turn joy into sadness, excitement into horror. You control how they feel, and when you break their heroes down piece by piece you chip away at their very emotions. Think about it would you want to watch someone you enjoy watching be taken apart?

Scrow gets what this woman is saying and shows that trademark smile of his.

Scrow understands, let Joy have his moment in the sun. Then when he is at his highest Scrow appears and takes it all away from him. Not only hurting him but the people that adore him SOOO much!

Exactly, for now, practice patience. Let the hate inside you boil, let it marinate. So when the time eventually does come you can release it! Rest assure Dex Joy will fall from grace and YOU shall be the one that does it.

Scrow laughs.

Scrow will let that come to pass.

Good, until then proceed to let the world know the threat that you are.

Scrow nods and steps back and turns around and walks away from the woman.

We will be watching….

She backsteps a few feet disappearing in the darkness.

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"What have I done for you lately?"

- Gage Blackwood




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