Title: The Mighty Pen
Featuring: Perfection
Date: 10/5/2020
Location: Los Angeles, California

From the Desk of James ‘Perfection’ Witherhold



October 5th, 2020
C/O Marshall Owens, Esq.
P.O. [REDACTED]            
Los Angeles, California 90213
Media Contact: Marshall.Owens@[REDACTED]


The following statement has been authorized by my client, James Witherhold, for immediate release in regards to the incident at DEFtv142:

October 5th, 2020
Ms. Mary-Lynn Mayweather
Legal Counsel
P.O. [REDACTED]                        
New Orleans, LA 70148

Ms. Mary-Lynn Mayweather,


As you have seen and are much aware, Scott Stevens’ recent action at DEFtv142 was not only brash and inane but it was completely unbecoming.

What he did, especially when involving ‘Yours Truly’, has absolutely no place in this business. When people say the moniker ‘Perfection’ (accurately attributed) they not only connect it with world class and masterful wrestling technique but this lovely, manly, mug as well.

In the same token, they connect ‘Perfection’ to the greatest FIST this company has ever had the privilege to have reign Mikey Unlikely. They connect it to the biggest sensation of starbreaking power by way of Cayle Murray. That connection is vital to 24K, DEFIANCE, and Favoured Saints.

The damage sustained by Scott Stevens’ improvisation of company equipment is not only a shame but a detriment to that very image. It also sets precedent that anyone can just hop over the barricade and attack an employee who is providing excellent customer service.

Which is what I was clearly doing. Also, in my humble opinion, my actions at DEFtv142 should be encouraged and celebrated as a means of achieving close customer relations.

Despite my selfless customer interaction I was left on the side to bleed out profusely with no support staff to tend to this injury. As such, I was flown on an immediate first class charter out of Louis Armstrong airport for emergency plastic sugery because of the importance to maintain the crucial image previously discussed.

I can report that this surgery was performed quickly, successfully, and most important, competently.

However- I demand either compensation or restitution in regards to the expenses associated by such a careless action which resulted in this amount of unmitigated damage to not only my skin but your company’s standards.

As you are aware, Ms. Mayweather, DEFIANCE is a company of business. I have defined business below given the level of ineptitude that has been displayed lately (and not by Scott Stevens alone)-

noun: business
1. a person's regular occupation, profession, or trade.

This is a place of employment and not Scott Stevens' personal playground.

Serious men with serious jobs had serious business to contend with at DEFtv142 and not only did he interfere with that but also caused 24K a defeat in our first professional debut in DEFIANCE. Although this is indeed a devastating blow to our pride, our fans, and expectations it compares little to the damage done to the reigning and undisputed FIST Mikey Unlikely.

He is now expected, perceived or otherwise, to wrestle Elise Ares at some point for said FIST. Again, Scott Stevens not only injured me physically but damaged 24K and Mikey Unlikely. There is only one sentiment I can express to this entire fiasco:

Unacceptable to the highest degree.

Many, as well as the men in 24K- some would say the majority of people in this industry, consider one James Witherhold a professional and a consummate athlete, Ms. Mayweather. A man that rises above and that almost never takes the low road first.

It’s true. For example-

Scott Stevens attempted to cheat his way to the FIST by way of an Ace in a Hole stipulation.

I, Perfection, corrected it.

Scott Stevens with total disregard to the quality of thread and count grabs my suit.

Again- I, Perfection, corrected that mistake as well.

I even allowed and helped him get the win after he ruined a handcrafted suit (I have decided to not seek compensation and/or restitution in regards to this designer item) just to squash this unnecessary squabble.

Thus when Mr. Stevens comes out and then assaults me for a third time (grabbing my suit being the first) I have to assume this is no longer about retribution but attention. I’m not interested in giving Scott Stevens any future attention especially when he has made it abundantly clear these instances will not cease if I am in the ring competing.

Typically this is where I would stand my ground and refuse to actively compete as is historically noted.

I will however provide a clear avenue of shared interests as opposed to entering potential arbitration with DEFIANCE. Provide me a match at Accession with one Scott Stevens devoid of any referees that have a clear bias (Carla Ferrari for instance).

No other employees between now and that time will be considered or entertained.

In the meantime, I plan to continue to enjoy the amenities provided in Mikey’s Sweet Suite™ exclusively located at the Wrestleplex in New Orleans, Louisiana. I know that in your position, Ms. Mayweather, you will do what is best for DEFIANCE, Favoured Saints, and myself by allowing the aforementioned match to go forward.

Mr. Owens looks forward to your response and action.


James Witherhold

David Danielson
Thomas Brown
Scott Stevens

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