Title: Happy Birthday ToyBox!
Featuring: The Toybox
Date: 10-7-2020
Location: Funhouse

October 7, 2020
In the Funhouse.

A monitor inside the mouth of a giant jester mouth on the wall. Dandelion and Jestal are watch television. On the television is a replay of BRAZEN Double Shot: There’s gold in them there rings. Jestal pops a kernel of popcorn into his mouth.


Answer that, would ya.

Dandelion gets up as Jestal throws popcorn at the monitor upset with the result.

Dandelion opens up the door and Clockwork Sally with Pepp on his shoulder an apprentice next to him with a box with holes poked in it. Sal has a long box under his arm. Dandelion welcomes them into the room. Jestal clicks the remote and joins Dandelion.

Clockwork Sally:
{tik..tik..tik} Happy Birthday you two!

Dandelion hugs Sal with a big smile, Jestal smirks.

Clockwork Sally:
This is for you two

The apprentice hands the rectangular box to Dandelion and Sal starts to hand the box to Jestal and stops. Pepp moves around to the right side and winds a key on his right arm and then to his left arm finally to his back keys. Jestal takes the box and rips it open and his eyes widen as he reaches into the box and pulls out a candy cane design mallet.

Would ya look at this Dani.

Dandelion is more preoccupied with what is inside her present. She rips open the package and her eyes widen with a huge smile on her face. Jestal looks over the box. A puppy pops out of the box, it looks almost cyborg-like it has grey fur, it’s underbelly though is made of a speaker mesh. The pup is about the size of a Shiz Tzu puppy. Dani picks up the dog overjoyed as it licks her face immediately.

I am not cleaning up after him sis.

Dandelion ignores him. With her eyes closed and hugs the little pup.

Clockwork Sally:
{tik...tik...tik} I thought you might like him Dandelion. {tik...tik...tik} By the way Jestal there is a switch on your mallet.

Jestal looks at the mallet and notices the switch.

Sal stops again and Pepp starts turning all his clockwork keys around his body. Until Sal is able to move again.

Clockwork Sally:
It is equipped with extra gadgets.

Jestal flips the switch and a loud horn bellows from the top of it. Enough to take the pup and Dandelion’s attention to it.

Jestal has a huge smile on his face witnessing this.

Well, this is something.

Dandelion puts the pup on the ground and he starts wandering the Funhouse sniffing. Dandelion motions to Clockwork Sally.

Clockwork Sally:
I am glad {tik...tik..tik} you like him. Do you have a {tik..tik..tik} name for him?

Dandelion motions with her hands and looks back at the pup.

Gizmo!? What is this Gremlins?

Dandelion stares coldly at Jestal and quickly puts his hands up.

Ok...ok… Gizmo it is.

Gizmo has found a spot in the funhouse to lay down at. Dandelion warmly looks at him looking peaceful. Sal pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to Jestal.


Jestal scans the document then hands it to Dandelion.

Clockwork Sally:
Gizmo has commands programmed in him to those are the codewords.

Sleep mode.

Gizmo’s eyes close quickly and appears to be sound asleep.

Well, Sal thanks for the gifts. Would you care to watch DEFIANCE’s latest show with us?

Pepp winds another clockwork key on the back of Sal’s neck.

Clockwork Sally:
I would be {tik..tik..tik} delighted!

The three walk over to the couch and sit on it. Jestal clicks the remote. Sal’s apprentice preps some beverages and more popcorn for the three as the scene fades with Gizmo sleeping on the floor.

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