Featuring: "Black Out" Pat Cassidy
Date: November 15, 2020
Location: Printed in the New Orleans Tribune

From Bodyslams To Brew - Local Grapplers Enter The Beer Game

(As printed in the New Orleans Tribune) 

By Kent O’Neill

NEW ORLEANS - The lively New Orleans bar scene is about to get body slammed as two members of the DEFIANCE roster are set to open “Ballyhoo Brew” - a craft beer focused brewery with plans to offer tap specials and pub food on the weekends.

It’s not a secret to locals that the hugely popular DEFIANCE wrestling is a cornerstone of the local economy. What’s discussed less often is DEFIANCE’s impact on the local nightlife. Whether a spot for the wrestlers to unwind after the matches or a setting for a television segment, where DEFIANCE goes, customers are sure to follow. 

Two mainstays of the DEFIANCE roster, Pat Cassidy and Brock Newbludd, are looking to cash in on that trend.

“I have spent four months doing extensive market research into the local bar scene,” Cassidy told The Tribune with a wink and a smile. “I think people are ready for something different.” 

Newbludd and Cassidy have been paired together on-screen lately, and with their apparent fondness for the drink, experience with pub atmosphere, and budding on-and-off screen friendship, it only makes sense that they’d enter the bar game as co-proprietors in this new venture.

“It’s all for the fans,” an enthusiastic Newbludd added. “And I’m not talking about just wrestling fans. I’m talking about people who are fans of having a good time. This bar is going to be their HQ.”

Both DEF stars are tapping Kenny and Lenny Kowalski, two brewmasters from Wisconsin and two old friends of Brock, to help with the creation of the beer. While both Brock and Pat are playing their cards close to their chests with specifics, it sounds like they’ll be releasing a brand new flavor every month - and some DEFIANCE-themed names are not out of the question.

“Kenny and Lenny are two local legends up in Milwaukee, I grew up drinking their magical brews,” Brock said about the two brewmaster brothers. “IPA, lager, stout, you name it and those guys can make it.”

In addition to simply brewing and marketing the beer, Balleyhoo Brew will function as a hangout spot/pub food restaurant both on the weekends and Wednesday and Thursday nights for DEFtv. Since the brewery will be within walking distance of the Wrestle-Plex, the owners have every intention of making their place THE place to be for DEF fans who can’t make it into the arena. On “game nights,” big screen TVs will be running the show, and they have plans to cash in some favors to get some of the wrestlers down for mingling with the fans when the show is over. 

“If you’re a DEFIANCE megafan and you’re not in the DEFarena for the action, this is going to be the next best thing,” promises Cassidy.

You can even keep an eye out for the bartenders: behind the bar on weekends you’ll find Davey LaRue, one time star in the now defunct No Brand Wrestling known for his mastery of all things party. Backing up LaRue will be Siobhan Cassidy, younger sister to the DEFIANCE wrestler known for his fondness for bursting into song. Siobhan recently moved to NOLA and is eager to help her big brother expand his new business venture.

“Pat has always looked out for me,” says Siobhan Cassidy. “I’m bringing some bartending experience with me from Boston, so I’m up to the challenge. Come down and see me for those Saturday night specials!”

The project is moving quickly, and both men are optimistic their first line of beer and the pub section of the brewery can be open in time for the first DEFtv after their latest PPV offering, Ascension. Both men promise that the grand opening party will be one for the ages.


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