Title: THE SHIELD. (4)
Featuring: Mark Shields
Date: Last night
Location: Kajun's Pub

Kajun’s Pub
Time Unknown

Mark’s face-deep in another dry martini. This is number 9… 6… 69… (lol, 69, Mark could go for one of those right now)... he doesn’t remember the number of drinks, though.

All he knows is he’s sucking back another.

And another.

And another.

Mark looks up at the TV in front of the bar. It’s playing recent highlights from the New Orleans Saints game, where they were victorious vs. the Atlanta Falcons. “That Drew Brees is a little bitch.” Shields decides to pick up the coaster beside him and “throw” it across the bar, starting to laugh in agreement at the thought he’s a better passer than Drew Brees ever could be. “That loser can’t hit shit! Hey Randy, am I right? Bahahahah, am I right, am I right bahaha?”

The bartender is busy mixing another drink. Kajun’s Pub is almost winding down tonight but Randy keeps on his job. Darren Keebler and Lance Warner have strolled up to the table, chatting it up.

“Hey Randy…” DDK starts. “Something smooth for my pal and I.”

Shields rolls his eyes and wants to vomit… not from drinking but from the sickening display of friendship he’s witnessing between the two announcers. “Pussies…”

Noticing he doesn’t have any more alcohol in front of him, it’s attempt number two to get Randy’s recognition. This time, however, it’s of much more importance than some shit QB who Shields acts like hasn’t set the all-time records in passing yards, completions, touchdowns or God knows what else…

“Hey RANDO, need me FIVE more shithead!” Shields slurs his speech and Randy finally looks up from across the way. Maybe the bartender should throw in the towel for Mark but sometimes Randy feels as though Mark’s better off situated in front of the bar than wherever else the longtime referee typically spends his time. Randy’s heard it all… the escorts, the drugs… his younger brother’s apartment. The reality is, Randy may look like a mean biker but he has a heart of gold. He cares about his patrons.

“Mark, I gotta cut you off, man.” Randy says in his grizzly voice as he approaches Mark with caution.

“Cut me off? Suck my dick more like it!” Mark replies. At first, Shields seems pissed but then he gives a wink and tries to hold back vomit. “Okay, fine. Imma be staying here tho. Cockface Drew Brees threw another interception tonight!”

Randy nods. “First one of the year. Impressive he keeps racking up those wins for us.”

And Randy goes back to mixing Keebler and Warner their drinks. Shields mockingly repeats those last words from Randy before hanging his head, about to pass out…


A man pats Mark on the back, snapping him into reality. It’s Mark’s younger brother, Kevin, high as a kite as he pulls up a seat next to his older bro.

“Night’s young man!” Kevin says with a troublesome grin. “You wanna do some snow with Katharine, Maggie and I?”

Mark takes a deep breath to think about it, showing the wheels may still be turning. “Not sure, Kev. Kristie was gonna come by later. Heard she’s single again.”

“Dude…” Kevin rolls his eyes. “She’s shot you down every time. Why you keep trying, guy? Besides, I’ll let you in on a secret…”

Kevin looks around. He realizes the bar is near empty. There’s some karaoke going on at the staging area and that’s where everyone’s attention is.

“I picked up some diesel if you wanna indulge.”

Mark’s trying not to crack.

“Yeah, fine, sounds good.” He gives a sigh. About to leave, that’s when Kristie Bellis walks in. The DEFIANCE employee (doing something in sales, no one really knows her true role) looks as stunning as ever with her long blonde hair and light blue eyes. Hourglass figure. Sharp dresser. Mark’s wondering if he’s drooling yet. He turns to his younger brother and pats him back into his seat as if to say “give me one minute”. Surprisingly, Mark takes a deeeeep breath and sucks in his gut. Standing, he walks over to Kristie as if he hasn’t had a sip of alcohol all night.

“Kristie, hey!” Mark says, approaching her. “I wasn’t expecting you here.”

Kristie’s a little uncomfortable but awfully polite. “Oh, hi Mark. How are you?” It’s clear she’s already starting to recognize she made a mistake being here.

“Good babe, good.” He reaches for her arm but immediately picks up on the social cue this would not be welcome.

“My bro and I-” He turns towards him. “HEY KEV, what you fucking saying man!? Care to stay a while, Kristie’s here!”

And then Mark focuses back on the woman in front of him. “We were just about to order some drinks if you’d care to join us.”

Kristie rubs the side of her arm. She’s looking around, not able to talk herself into being comfortable in the situation. Sure, Mark’s a creep but that’s not the entire reason she’s backtracking. A recent breakup where everyone seemingly knows about it in this company is another. There are many reasons, to be honest.

“Well… perhaps another time?” She tries to let the verteran referee down nicely.

Mark hangs his head. He seems to take this rejection poorly, even if it was done in such a conscientious way. Kristie, on the other hand, is having some second thoughts.

“Okay…” She starts. “Let me give you my number?”

Shields eyes glance up with an expression that almost asks Kristie if she’s out of her mind. Nevertheless, he’s certainly not THAT stupid to do more than make it a look. The ref goes along with it. “Sure.” Shields states and pulls out his phone.

The two exchange numbers while Kevin watches in bewilderment. As Kristie leaves the bar, Mark wanders over to his younger brother, arms raised in the air, fist pumping the entire time. Thankfully, Kristie never did look back.

“BOOM SHAKALAKA!” Mark hammers Kevin across the back with a wicked blow.

“How the hell did you do that?” Kevin asks.

“Oh dude, so easy.” The two begin to collect their belongings. “I stared at her boobs the entire time. She thought I was dejected.”

Kevin’s initial look is disappointment but then he grins ear-to-ear. “Smooth, man. Real smooth.” He changes the topic. “So you wanna do some brown sugar at my place?”

The two continue their conversation as The Shield brothers leave the bar. “Hell ya… and you said Katharine and Melanie are coming over?”

“Maggie.” Kevin corrects him.

“Shit man, shit man yeah. That’s even better! Can’t stand Melanie.”

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