Featuring: DEFcepticons
Date: Before BRAZEN Battle Cluster
Location: DEFarena

The “freakshow”-like team of DEFcepticons stand in front of a black BRAZEN backdrop. There are four members visible. An amazonian woman, standing at 6’8”, easily 300 pounds of pure chiseled stone… a thick, grungy, biker looking guy, who still looks rather young to be wearing such a black leather outfit… another amazonian, this one is male, with little to no flaws in his appearance whatsoever (eat your heart out Perfection… and all of the HOSS’ out there, this is the FATHER of HOSS’)... and a regular looking dude, lacking muscle definition with a face that reeks he’s simply here to cause problems.

For further clarification…

Amazonian woman, Megan Krong.

Thick grungy biker guy, Ryan Knox.

HOSS of HOSS’, Al Sparks.

Annoying looking dude, bound to screw up everything, Starscream.

HEY! Don’t forget me!

A voice shouts from below them. The camera pans down and sees another man, around 4’7”. He’s muscular but short, as the four others hover over him. The cameraman has to take a step back and pan out to ensure a part of this individual can be seen in the promo video.

Of course, his name is Septimus Tyne. He is the leader of these “DEFcepticons”... and he’s a very vocal leader, too.

Septimus Tyne:
The DEFcepticons have come to BRAZEN… yay!

Everyone else in the group starts cheering for fear Tyne may lose his shit on them if they don’t. Sep allows the excitement to build amongst his team and then looks into the camera as the group puts on more serious faces.

Septimus Tyne:
We can’t wait to get going! We are entering the battle royal where the DEFcepticons will WIN… yay!

Everyone Else:

Back to serious faces.

Septimus Tyne:
Nathaniel Eye, you are a smart man aligning yourself with a big guy.

Septimus looks around him.

Septimus Tyne:
But I guess I’m smarter because I have more of them than you do! Bahaha!!!

Everyone laughs along with Tyne.

Septimus Tyne:
We come to BRAZEN to take the Tag Team Championships away from you and your wicked foe!

Tyne begins jumping.

Septimus Tyne:
Nathaniel, you are small. You are weak. You are gonna get bulldozed by myself and Ryan Knox! Tell him, Ryan!

Knox clutches his right fist.

Ryan Knox:
I’m going to bash your skull in!

Tyne rubs his hands together and laughs like a mad man.

Septimus Tyne:
Exactly, Ry!

The amazonian woman pipes up.

Megan Krong:

Immediately, Tyne looks pissed off. He takes one quick glance at Megan and shakes his head. Septimus tries to speak softly to her so the camera can’t pick up his voice. Ultimately, the microphone does.

Septimus Tyne:
Not now Megan… FFS we went through this. It’s Ryan and I in the tag tournament…

Krong hangs her head. Tyne goes back to addressing the mic.

Septimus Tyne:
Biggest Best Boys… get ready! Nathaniel, count your blessings! DEFcepticons… ROLL OUT!

The group starts making the transforming noises (but not in unison) as they walk off screen.

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"Cheers, boys!"

- "Black Out" Pat Cassidy




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