Title: HER STORY - Part 3
Featuring: Reaper Prime
Date: February 2020
Location: New Orleans

February 2020.


Camera fades into the exact moment that was cut off from viewership during Ascension’s grudge match between Stalker and Scott Douglas. Jessica Reeves is standing on the sidewalk, clutching her phone tightly in her right hand as she watches the black sedan pull to a stop in front of her. The back door to the sedan opens, revealing nothing but looming shadows from within. 

Jessica… Jessica Reeves. It’s been a long time. Please hop in.. we have a lot to catch up on.

The voice emanating from the car is of a male, an accent of Russian twists his words and with a shroud of darkness to cover his identity, Jessica approaches with caution.

Mister…. Mister.. Fear?

Mr. Fear:[laughing]
Always.. Always so polite, Jessica. That’s one trait you have that most likely came from your mother or perhaps your grandfather but definitely not from Jason, right?

It’s an attempt to ease the situation, a chuckle from the backseat of the sedan as Jessica is frozen in place, unsure of whether or not to approach. As the cool night air breezes through her hair, she looks in all directions for her best escape route, weighing the options in her mind before the voice calls back out to her.

Mr. Fear:
We have been attempting to get in contact with you for a few months now, Jessica. You know I would not be here if this request was not serious. Please… let’s not make a scene.

If someone’s look could be a definition of a ‘cuss word’ that would be the look on Jessica’s face right now. Unhappiness, frustration with a hint of anger - she washes it away almost in an instant as she shrugs her shoulders forward - and steps towards the car. 

How did you find me?

The question comes out of her mouth almost out of instinct as she settles into the backseat, she doesn’t close her door - instead, she sits in the shadows of the black sedan with the back door still widely open.

Mr. Fear:
The Kabal is always aware of where their assets are.

Jessica:[snapping back]
That’s funny - because, when you all were training me you lingered my Father’s whereabouts - or rather lack of knowledge of his whereabouts over my head. For nearly three years, mind you, while you molded me into the fucking ‘Reaper’.

A pause and a clearing of Mr. Fear’s throat causes the moment to get slightly awkward.

Mr. Fear:
Courtney mentioned to me that you were a bit angered with us.

A bit…? A BIT? I do your bidding for a year and half - you all literally washed your hands from me when I got injured. Jason - of all people - is the one that was there for me after I left DEFIANCE. Not you all but my Dad. 

Mr. Fear:
Who we reunited you with, remember? 

YOU FORCED HIM to OVERSEE ME AS REAPER! The limited glory we had was because of HIM and not me. The Kabal - you all - are nothing but a mindfuck and yes I am a ‘bit’ angered. I told Courtney to her face, I told all of your callers that I was done with you all. So, since you can’t seem to clearly ‘HEAR’ my message - I am telling you to your face. Leave me out of this, I want nothing to do with The Kabal!

As Jessica tirade goes on, the camera shot moves around the black sedan, the occupants inside remain in the shadows including Jessica. 

Mr. Fear:
The oath you took - the training you received - it all comes with requirements, Jessica. You have yet to fulfill our desires or even make the impact that you originally sought to do. While we appreciate your bluntness, it’s a far cry from the methodical soldier we had expectations of when you ‘graduated’. 

Jessica scoffs loudly with a grunt at the word ‘graduated’.

Mr. Fear:
You did get injured, yes. And your ‘Reaper’ identity got used beyond your control, something we did not expect. That is not the fault of The Kabal - your actions while recovering - not the fault of The Kabal. We gave you time away from your ‘requirements’ but all of your time is used up now, Jessica. It’s time for you to come home - maybe even… go through training again?

Jessica:[exiting the car]

In a rush of movement Jessica steps out of the car, which she is immediately joined by two individuals who exit the front of the car. Both men are tall, well built and faces unrecognizable to the camera. The term ‘hired thugs’ would be perfectly fitting for who Jessica was surrounded by at the trunk of the sedan.

What is this shit, Nathan? You are going to kidnap me…? Huh? I TOLD YOU I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THE KABAL!!

The urgency in her voice is clear as she tries to step away back onto the sidewalk, in a rush of motion she pulls her cell phone out of her pocket, tapping away furiously at the screen as she walks to get away from the sedan and the men who just exited the car to follow her.

Mr. Fear:
Jessica - don’t make us cause a scene… The Lord is expecting you.

Jessica’s face turns into anguish at the mention of ‘The Lord’, her furious clicking on the cell phone seems futile as Mr. Fear’s hired thugs encircle her and grab the cell phone from her. 

Jessica: [fighting back]

Struggling to get free, Jessica kicks back at both men but it’s to no avail, she is bum rushed back into the black sedan. Slamming the door behind her, any remarks are cut off into the silence of the night as the hired thugs return to the front of the car. A few seconds pass and the black sedan speeds off, carrying an unwilling occupant along with them.

The camera pans slowly across the street as the red lights of the black sedan slowly fade into the distance, before long the camera focuses downwards onto Jessica’s open phone on the ground, a text message has been sent to a recipient named ‘The Gs’. The words ‘Help Me!!’ linger on the text screen before notification that the message has been read flash onto the small cell phone screen. 

Fade to black.

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