Title: MY E3
Featuring: Conor Fuse
Date: 01/02/2021
Location: Game Time

Recently, I’ve been going through some changes. Changes in how I approach things. Changes on how I interpret my surroundings. Over the past year, some people would say I have lost my way and many of those same people will have found my act annoying.

And yet, here I am, standing across from the ultimate World 8 - Level 4 Boss…

Mikey Unlikely.

A chance to capture the biggest achievement in the wrestling system… The FIST of DEFIANCE.

Boy, if you told me this was possible four years ago, I’m not so sure I’d believe you. Of course, I always thought I had the skills to make it. #IGameGood! Plus my brother and I were not going to be bound in multiplayer action forever. He, too, is finding his own success… even if he’s abandoned the love of what brought us here in the first place. However, this is not the time or place for that story.

This is 8-4. My chance at the spotlight.

I could send shockwaves through DEFIANCE Wrestling. I could system-crash this MF.

When I first started in DEFIANCE, some of the powers-that-be never liked me.

Too funny.
Too comical.
Too annoying.

I mean they weren’t wrong.

But I cannot provide light to the darkest of minds, they have to do it themselves. And they are often too stupid to do such a thing. They call themselves powers but they are merely NPCs.

My brother and I originally came to DEFIANCE to rid the world of “The Infected”... the United Toughness Alliance, invading such an honorable system as DEFIANCE, filled with serious and edgy talent, about to be taken down by a nonsensical program, developed from a brutal, glitchy-like engine.

Sorry, I promised myself I wouldn’t get all meta right now.

The long story short: we succeeded. The Fuse Bros. stood alongside PCP, Team HOSS, Mushigihara, Impulse, Gage Blackwood, Scott Douglas, Oscar Burns and Cayle Murray.

The Infected were finished. The good guys had won.

And then… through time… my brother and I lost our way. Those known as The Resident Evils, who were Reaper descendants stalked Tyler and I. They wanted us to turn to the darkside. They wanted us to give up on being DEFIANT do-gooders.

In many ways, they achieved their goal.

Tyler and I fed into our Evil Within and we rode it all the way to glory we had never seen before. Tyler battles Scott Douglas and Kerry Kuroyama. I find myself a Game Boy and dug into the clutches of The Deacon.

See? I am starting to learn everyone’s names.

Anyway, I don’t need to dive further into this history lesson. To come full circle, this bleeds into my initial point…

How much it hurt when I felt people say I’m too funny, comical, or annoying. I certainly am those things but I am not one-dimensional. There is so much more that I bring to this system.

And now, with the (albeit) new powers that be in the Favored Saints… they have deemed me this one incredible chance at something I didn’t know was possible.

Mikey Unlikely. The FIST of DEFIANCE.

You have no idea what this opportunity means to me, Mikey. And I know you will never be able to comprehend it because you’re too stuck in your own world… only reaching out to the useless henchmen around you.

Yes, I said useless.

Cayle was a mirage. He’s gone darker than I ever did.

Kendrix is your Second Player. Nothing more, nothing less. He’s nobody’s first choice.

And Perfection is a goomba. Guy’s got rocks in his head… surprised he hasn’t committed video game suicide by walking off the edge of the rampway, looking for Elise Ares, The D or Scott Stevens. The fact he’s able to gauge depth perception is unfathomable in and of itself.

I will not squander this opportunity. I am going to give it everything I have. I will leave it all in the middle of the ring, ready to use all my Lives and extra Continues. But make no mistake, Mikey…

This is not the end of my game. Not even close.

This is the RISE of CONOR FUSE. This is my true reckoning.

Don’t overlook me. Nobody should. I’m the #9 T(E3)FP top 100 wrestlers of 2020 in the WORLD.

Yes, you heard right. That’s me.

Eat your heart out, Malak Garland. THAT’s some serious pressure to live up to. That’s a Nintendo Selects, PlayStation Greatest Hits or XBox Platinum best selling shit right there. I was absolutely blindsided when I heard the news. I know I haven’t been the most honourable person in the world these days. Like I said, I lost my way. But this was one of the most humbling Achievements I’ve ever accomplished.

A true single player trophy. Something that goes beyond championships and speaks to the impression you leave on those watching.

Like I said, it was blindsiding.

Trash Bandicoot, Patty Black Out, I’m sorry for all the harm I caused in the past. You too, Deacon. The three of you have sent me down this single player campaign to get to this moment. You’ve helped me get to the last level. You helped make Conor Fuse really MEAN something.

I know we aren’t friends… not anymore…

But I want the three of you to know I am truly sorry for what I did.

To my brother, Tyler, we might not be in a co-op right now but there’s no one I hold more respect for. While I may have placed ahead of you in the top 100, you should know there’s no one I think of more fondly. The intensity and commitment you bring to DEFIANCE and what you have done for “Stalker’s World”, I know your real story is only beginning, too. You will always be #1 in my top 100.

As I realize the error of my ways, I come full circle and see that everything is happening all over again.

It’s a new game but it’s also the same game.

UTA Invasion.
24K destruction.

What’s the difference?

There is none.

You’re hurting my system, Mikey Unlikely. You’re hurting DEFIANCE Wrestling. You were the Boss of the invasion and you’re the Boss of the 24k-bit NPC co-op.

And while the powers that once hated me don’t look down on this company anymore, it leaves me with one final thought.

I am the powers that be now.

I am Conor Fuse. I am here to play.

In a few short days, I can do the unthinkable. I can hit the RESET button for myself, for The Gamers…


Goodbye evil Boss, your reign comes to an end. Because I can wrestle when push comes to shove and I care about this system more than you, Mikey, ever could.

World 8 - Level 4.

My E3.

See you soon, FIST of DEFIANCE. I am sooo looking forward to the beginning of my redemption story.

After all, they say “PLAY has no limits”…

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"I love my family. You aren’t going to change that. You can’t destroy that no matter how hard you try."

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