Title: THE BOOK OF TERRY - What I know so far...
Featuring: Terry "The Idol" Anderson
Date: 02/10/2021
Location: New Orleans

The Night Of
UNCUT 86’s Broadcast

Terry Anderson:
I’m glad you decided to stop by, honestly. I wasn’t sure who I could call with all of this.

Scott Douglas appears on screen first outside the apartment of Terry ‘The Idol’ Anderson, part time private eye, part time on screen DEFIANCE talent. Mr. DEFIANCE himself Scott Douglas is dressed in casual clothes, walking into his friend’s apartment with a shrug, he seems to be reluctant in his entrance glancing around the insides of Terry’s apartment.

Scott Douglas:
Terry ... this place is a mess. Two jobs and you still can’t pony up enough cash for a cleaning lady? 

Terry scoffs at Scott’s remark, brushing past his one of many proteges, Terry looks out the front door of his apartment, peering into the dark hallways almost looking to see if Scott had been followed. Scott notices and questions Terry’s paranoid behavior.

Scott Douglas:
You, uh …  expecting someone? You didn’t call your own intervention, did you? 

Terry doesn’t answer but seems satisfied with the empty hallway, turning back to Douglas. 

Scott Douglas:
Your message was pretty vague. Not sure why I should expect anything otherwise …  

It’s because I needed you to show up. If I went into detail you probably would have ignored me.

Scott Douglas:

A small tense exchange occurs between the two men as Terry finally shuts the door and joins Scott fully in his apartment, the pair head into the living room where Scott almost stops dead in his tracks when he sees what can only be described as some form of ‘conspiracy theory’ board. 

Scott Douglas:
What the hell is this?

Seattle’s Favorite Son gestures towards the wooden board filled with various pictures, yarn strings connecting times and dates written down on post-its, pictures of license plates, tinted windows with shadowed figures in cars, question marked photos of people that obviously Terry did not know the identity of.

This is ‘The Kabal’... This is… What I know so far…

Moving along the carpeted floor Terry stands next to the large wooden display, proud of his work he stands tall hands on his hips, his beard obviously untouched for the past sevens days or so. Shaking his head Scott heads towards the apartment front door, but Terry is quick to run to his friend placing his hands on his shoulders. 

Terry: [whispering]
They are more than just a group of goons that Stalker formed recruiting the worst of the worst. He’s been sent here on purpose. 

Scott brushes Terry back and stands apart from the old man, staring at his unkempt clothes as well it seems that Terry may have not washed or slept the past few days either.

Scott Douglas:
You need some rest, man. Look...  I’ve got enough on my plate right now and the last thing I need -- is get caught up in this Reeves circle again. You saw DEFIANCE Road - I’ve got a real shot here. Don’t blindside me with this and try to drag me back down in this bullshit. 

Relenting back Terry stops for a moment realizing his mistake in duping his close friend, he shakes his head as he looks at the board and stares at Jessica Reeves picture. He points towards it before replying to him.

The videos that Stalker showed during your matches were real. She was kidnapped by The Kabal. There are people in play behind Stalker, I mean it’s clear by how easily he gets what he wants in DEFIANCE and acts like a complete nutcase. 

Scott Douglas:
It’s just Stalker… with a bunch of goons in masks. Just like when it was Jessica … with a bunch of goons IN MASKS. You act as if The Kabal is some clandestine cult or something. 

That’s because they are, Scott. That is what I am trying to tell you.

With excitement Terry strides to the wooden board, pointing at first Jessica’s picture again but suddenly drags his hand across the yarn to a picture of Jason ‘Stalker’ Reeves and it’s a still shot of his on screen debut attacking Kerry Kuroyama. The picture is of Stalker dressed in a black uniform tactical vest, similar to those worn by the Reapers. 

I lost contact with Jessica back in January of 2020. Not even two months later, he shows up.

Terry taps Stalker’s picture with importance before dragging his finger down to a picture of a shadowed man in a dark vehicle.

However, I have pictures of this man showing up to New Orleans multiple times to visit Stalker at a rundown warehouse downtown. These visits were before Rezin even showed up, whoever this man is he has something to do with Stalker being here now. And… 

Looking over his shoulder Terry gives Scott a sad solitary nod before his eyes drift back to Jessica ‘Reaper’ Reeves photograph.

Now that she’s back - I think she’s going to go after whomever is controlling Stalker. Her message wasn’t that clear…

Being in his 60’s Terry was prone to catch himself in brief moments of having to collect his thoughts. He looks around the room and back to Scott who is now digging in his pocket for what he could only hope for would be a phone call to get him away from this awkward conversation.

Scott Douglas:
For the love of God, Terry... I think you need some sleep and sure hell, you need a shower. You look exhausted. Why don’t you handle that and we can catch a drink later this week. Holy Ground? 

I don’t drink anymore. 

Scott Douglas: [sighing]
I’ll settle your tab.

No, I haven’t stopped drinking there, I decided to stop, completely, after Jessica’s message to me.

Scott Douglas:
If Jessica is back ... why aren’t you with her now? Asking her these questions? 

Nodding to the half opened duffle bag on the counter of the kitchen table, Scott looks at it and shrugs.

Scott Douglas:
I can’t deal with this, Terry. I’m not getting tied up in all this again.

Going towards the exit, Scott seems unwilling to listen to this conversation any further but Terry calls out to him one last time as Scott opens the front door.

Her message said that The Kabal is going to force Stalker to go above and beyond even what we have seen him capable of…. Above and beyond, Scott. She is going after him and those above him. I just don’t want her to get hurt but I’m an old man now...  I don’t know what to do. She’s gone... I can’t text her... Her apartment is completely empty. I’m at a real loss here, Scott … It’s insanity.

With a shrug Scott looks back and reiterates his desires to not be involved.

Scott Douglas:
That is the first rational thing you’ve said … this is insanity. 

Scott opens the door and crosses the threshold. He calls out to Terry as the door swings closed behind him.

Scot Douglas:
Get some sleep! 

Fade to black.

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