Title: Just Some Sibling Business
Featuring: "Black Out" Pat Cassidy
Date: 2/23/2021
Location: Pat Cassidy's Apartment - New Orleans

Chinese food - like, everywhere. Those little unfoldable white boxes are scattered all over the coffee table. On the couch, Pat Cassidy is holding a Chinse food box with his hand and using a pair of chopsticks to scoop out some lo-mein into his mouth. Next to him, his younger sister, Siobhan, is reading from a large textbook with her brow furrowed. 

Siobhan Cassidy:
Okay. So. (reading) “When would a network design structure be MOST appropriate in a business model?”

Cassidy munches on his lo-mein, staring straight ahead at the television instead of listening to his sister. On the TV an old DEFIANCE PPV is playing.

Siobhan Cassidy:
It’s either:
A.) When a salesperson hands off a valuable account to a new rep to get her established
B.) When the company needs to outsource certain aspects of distribution or production to meet a deadline
C.) When…

At this point, Siobhan realizes that Pat is more engrossed with the wrestling match than with her little quiz. She clicks her tongue in annoyance.

Siobhan Cassidy:
C.) When the wheels on the bus go round and round, or
D.) When rainbows shoot out of your asshole.

A beat. She clears her throat.

Siobhan Cassidy:
… well?

Cassidy blinks, breaking his gaze from the TV for the first time.

Pat Cassidy:
...ol’ reliable C. Hasn’t let me down, yet.

Siobhan Cassidy:
Didn’t you get like a six on your SAT?

Pat Cassidy:
Mind your business. Was I right?

Siobhan closes the book.

Siobhan Cassidy:
You told ME that you wanted to bone up on this business stuff now that you own a bar. It was YOUR idea. And so far, I’ve ordered this book off Amazon, I’ve read through it, and I’ve been the one going over the questions here… gotta say, sort feels like I should be running the business.

Black Out snorts. 

Pat Cassidy:
Yeah. That’d be the day.

Something on the screen catches Pat’s eye. He gets excited and points.

Pat Cassidy:
Oh! Look. Mushighara was a beast even back in 2016…

Siobhan drops the book on the table and stands up. 

Siobhan Cassidy:
Alright. I’ve got better things I could be doing…

Pat offers her a box of Chinese food.

Pat Cassidy:
You loooooove the boneless spare ribs, Siobhan. Come on. It was my treat. I’ll answer the questions.

Siobhan smiles despite herself. She sits back down and takes the box of spare ribs.

Siobhan Cassidy:
Fine. So, what’s the answer?

Pat slurps a piece of lo-mein up into his mouth loudly.

Pat Cassidy:
I think that’s when we innovate. Think outside the box.

A beat.

Pat Cassidy:
Team player? Synergy?

Siobhan begins to beat the business class book against her forehead as Black Out shrugs and returns to watching the wrestling matches.

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"This scar. The scar you caused. It will heal twisted and gnarled. I’d have it no other way. Let it stand as a sign of caution for the whole lot of you that the madman of Banff, Scotland is back tradin’ exclusively in the currency of blood and fear."

- Bronson Box




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