Title: Siempre Familia
Featuring: Minute
Date: 9/12/21
Location: Ballyhoo Brew


Typing away on his phone, DEFIANCE wrestler Minute keeps smiling back at whoever he’s in contact with, casually sipping on a Tres Equis (hitting you with the product placement). He puts the phone down for a moment, takes another drink. Then when it buzzes a few moments later, the young luchador picks it back up and laughs again. From behind the bar, Davey LaRue approaches and puts another beer down for The Most Interesting High Flyer in the World. 

Davey LaRue:
Here you go, mon ami. 

Gracias, Davey. 

As he continues typing on his phone, Davey raises an eyebrow. 

Davey LaRue:
Where’s the big friend and the tall girl at?

Minute looks up and then checks the time. 

Princesa out for a run. Uriel... siempre llega tarde. Late. 

Davey LaRue:
Ahh, again I see. We’ll, I’ll break out the extra big stool we got once he’s here, mon ami. Lemme know if you need anything else. 

Davey goes to check on another patron on the other side of the bar while Minute turns towards the door. Finally, the unmistakable form of a massive human being -- Uriel Cortez -- enters and approaches the counter. He gets a few looks from people at the bar just from his size alone. He waves politely, then approaches the bar. 

Uriel Cortez:
Davey… can I get a tab going? Get me a screwdriver. 

Davey LaRue:
Coming up, mon ami. 

Uriel Cortez:

Cortez stands next to Minute’s seat at the bar and leans over. 

Uriel Cortez:
Sorry for being late, dude. Got stuck in traffic. Fucking wreck on the other side of town. 

Lo que sea, hombre grande. You’re late even when this is your idea. 

Minute laughs and then takes another sip from his beer when his phone goes off. He looks at Uriel, who’s now starting to nurse his own drink so he quickly fires off a text. 

Uriel Cortez:
So… you gonna tell me who the girl is, Mateo?

His tag partner chuckles. 

No. No te estoy diciendo nada. 

Uriel Cortez:
Gonna be like that, huh? 

Yep… just started. 

Cortez laughs. 

Uriel Cortez:
Pfft… you just don’t want me busting your balls like you did when Holly and I started seeing each other.

Ah, Princesa… Estará aquí pronto?

Uriel Cortez:
Más tarde, sí. Pero bueno, hombre... we gotta talk. 

As Uriel finishes his drink in between his conversation, Davey slides another screwdriver across the bar. He nods at Davey while Minute looks up. 

No estoy teniendo a tu bebé, Uriel.

Both men laugh. 

Uriel Cortez:
Fuck off, you couldn’t afford me. I’m being serious for a second. 

Minute turns in his stool to look up at Uriel as he starts on his second drink. Uriel pulls out something on his phone and then puts it on the counter next to his tag partner. 

Uriel Cortez:
I… I need you to tell me that I’m insane. Or be happy. Or somewhere. Don’t hold back, but there’s something that I need to run by you. 

Minute takes a look at Uriel’s phone and then sees a listing on it for a three-bedroom townhouse. A quizzical expression forms. 

Qué es esto?

Cortez sighs. 

Uriel Cortez:
It’s a townhome that I’ve had my eye on for the last week. 

Eh… you want us to move? Conseguir una casa nueva?

The giant lets out a heavy sigh. Another drink of his screwdriver to try and take the edge off… but it’s not really helping. 

Uriel Cortez:
Shit… this is hard. Sorry, man. I need a sec. 

Minute looks up. 

Are you… Está todo bien?

Uriel Cortez:
Yeah, man, yeah. Remember when we first met? I tossed your tiny ass into a snack machine and Junior Keeling took your candy bar. 

Uriel can tell Minute, even under his mask, looks confused AF as to why they’re heading down memory lane. 

Are you okay, amigo? Do you need a tissue? Are you dying?

Uriel Cortez:
Oh, lord, stop. 

He finally stops the ball-busting for a moment, allowing Uriel time to collect his thoughts. 

Uriel Cortez:
Ever since you and I became a team… I found a friend. A brother. We’ve pretty much been inseparable. Even when Holly came into our lives, man. You showed me what it’s like in this business to find a brotherhood when I came into it because the Keelings were both just greedy assholes. And I’m gonna need you to tell me honestly if I’m crazy. You know Holly and I have been getting close, man. I wasn’t looking for a relationship and neither was she… but we found each other, anyway. Like some of that meat cute shit I don’t believe it… it happened. 

Si. Princesa good for you. 

Uriel takes another uneasy sip. 

Uriel Cortez:
And I told you if you ever needed a place to stay, you have it. So before I ask her what I’m going to ask her… 

He reaches into his pocket and hands over a key; his house key. He slides it over onto the bar.  

Uriel Cortez:
I’m gonna hit you with the symbolic gesture shit. I want to sign over our place and put it in your name… cause I’m going to ask Holly to move in with me for her birthday. 

There’s no hesitation on his part. Minute shoots Uriel the biggest smile that he might have ever seen his tag partner show. He sits up higher on his barstool to slap Uriel on the arm. 


Uriel lets out an emotional sigh of relief. 

Uriel Cortez:
Thanks. Yeah… we talked a little bit about it, but she doesn’t know I’ve been shopping around for at least a month now. I’m still nervous as hell, man. But… I’m ready. I think she is, too. So I’m gonna let her enjoy her day and when the time is right… 

He grabs the phone. 

Uriel Cortez:

Si, si! She’ll love it! Next beer’s on me, amigo. 

Uriel Cortez:
Thanks! Now, I just gotta break it to her. No sweat… right?

Minute looks up at his giant bestie. 

She loves you. You love her. It will work. And you and I, amigo. No matter what… Siempre Familia.

Uriel chuckles. 

Uriel Cortez:
Siempre Familia. 

The two tap their respective glass and bottle together, then Uriel and Minute have another drink. The two sit in silence for a few moments after celebrating, then Uriel looks down at his best friend and tag partner. 

Uriel Cortez:
So… you’re not gonna tell me nothing about this girl, even after I just poured something deep. She got a name?

Minute looks up and ponders his question. He seems to be wrestling with the decision. 

...Valentina. She works… for Favoured Saints. 

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